Controlling your Emotions in Business

Posted by vijay on June 22nd, 2019

This is especially difficult if you are an extremely emotional and sensitive individual. In business or even in a job, cancellation of projects on which a lot of time and effort has already been invested, absence of employees when there is a lot of work pressure, bad behavior of customers and lastly piling up of more work when you already have enough are general reasons which invoke emotions in us. While positive emotions are welcome in business, negative emotions should be kept at a distance. The common negative emotions experienced are frustration, anger, irritation, worry, hatred and the like. These must also have led you to a business coach or entrepreneur development training for anger management which is indeed necessary for you to control your emotions.

  1. See the positive, evaluate and remember the past

When you are badly frustrated about something it is advisable to not react and stop and think about the reason for your frustration and how you can solve the problem fastest. This will calm you down instantly. Also try to take out a positive aspect from it, for example, if your computer hangs, you have more time to relax, to be more productive later with the energy you accumulated by relaxing. Positivity works wonders. Also, think about past situations of frustrations which were solved easily.

  1. Take deep breaths and jot it down

If you are experiencing negative emotions of worry or nervousness, you can sit upright and take deep breaths. As the oxygen goes in, it calms down your nerves and you will feel much relaxed and confident. You can also alternatively write down your worries in a piece of paper and think about ways to solve it. This is similar to sharing your grief with your loved one and it will instantly lighten you up. Remember worry is the enemy of business development.

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror or imagine your face

This especially works when you are angry. It is proven that if you look at yourself or imagine your angry face, your anger is prone to vanish as we all look extremely hideous when angry. This is the reason why restaurants or bars place mirrors behind the counters to avoid the outbursts of angry customers. Anger will make you a bad negotiator, communicator, and influencer without which business development is just not possible.

  1. Be straightforward and respectful

If a co-worker or an employee’s behavior disturbs or angers you and you find yourself developing a dislike towards that person, you need to think maturely, and eliminate ego and pride and behave with that person as you would behave with every other worker. Be straightforward and communicate to them the things which bother you. Chances are good because they won’t change. Let it not affect you.

  1. Do not lose hope and try alternatives

We experience the emotion of disappointment when something does not work out the way we wanted it to or when we face failure. Giving up is further going to add on the disappointment. Instead, do not lose hope and try other ways of doing it.

With these guidelines in mind and with a little help from entrepreneur development training sessions and business coach classes, your emotions are bound to stay in place.

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