Tech Start-up ShopSeeŽLaunches Social Shopping for Mobiles in India

Posted by News on June 22nd, 2019

UK technology start-up ShopSee® launches in India with the first truly interactive social shopping experience for mobiles

ShopSee®is unique in combining online shopping with social chat. Shoppers can talk or chat, and browse the same item at the same time without leaving the store. Gone are the days when shoppers are forced to exit stores for other apps, send links or pictures, wait for their friends to look up an item, or get confused about which item they are chatting about. ShopSee brings interactive social shopping to mobiles.

ShopSeeis launching in India integrated with the Flipkart marketplace. Shoppers canco-browse millions of items, chat or talk, and experience rich social shoppingin-store.

Founder and CEO Jonathan Drazin says: “To date social shopping has been difficult on mobiles. Consumers must work around the problem of including their friends when shopping online. With ShopSee people can browse the same thing at the same time and talk or chat about it. This is a real step forward in creating a more immersive digital shopping experience.”

ShopSee has been trailing in the UK, where shoppers have already been commenting on the new experience:

Stacey S. said,“I’m always on my mobile browsing for things to buy. Before ShopSee I had to send pictures, which was slow and a nuisance. With ShopSee, I just invite my friends to browse with me. They immediately see what I see, and we take turns to lead. We can swipe through lots of items, as if we were shopping together in person. I trust what my friends say, so it’s great to talk or chat while shopping. We often shop in a group and ShopSee lets us see what each person said about each item – something that was impossible before. ShopSee makes mobile shopping much more fun.”

When asked about how ShopSee started, founder Jonathan Drazin said:

“It started in a bar off Oxford Street in London. We were talking about how our teenage children enjoyed shopping, and how much they used their mobiles for shopping. They were complaining about how slow it was to share shopping ideas with their friends, and we realised we had the same problem. The idea for ShopSee was born – being able to chat or talk, and see the same thing at the same time.“

As well as integrating chat and voice calls, browsing items at the same time, shoppers can also rate items for their friends, use quick questions and answers, and make an item the subject of a conversation to allow comments to be grouped by item. It’s a truly interactive social shopping experience, inside the online store.

Download ShopSeefor Flipkart India from Google Play to experience truly social shopping for mobiles.

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ShopSee is a registered trademark of Simple Matters Ltd, UK.

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