Remove grass stains from other fabrics and clothing:

Posted by markwahlbargg on June 24th, 2019

Not only jeans are affected while playing. Also, the back of the pullover can be decorated with green spots when falling into the wet grass and the elbows of the white T-shirt are rarely spared by grass spots. To remove the stains from bright fabrics helps toothpaste with menthol. The menthol of the paste dissolves the green dye from the textile fiber. The whitener for the teeth also helps to bleach out the stain.

As suggestions given by New York Dry Cleaning service, to remove the grass stain with toothpaste, rub a fingertip fully on the stain and then put the garment in the washing machine. After being washed as hot as possible, the grass stain has disappeared.

Effective against grass stains, the potato has proven. To loosen the dirt, raw potato is halved and grated with the cut surface on the green spot. The potato starch combines with the dirt and during the subsequent washing in the washing machine dirt and starch are washed out.

An unusual remedy for stain removal is the butter. It can only be used on textiles that are washable at 60 degrees. Since too low a washing temperature by the butyric acid, the grass stain from the clothing dissolves but instead remains a grease stain. For stain removal, the green spot is rubbed vigorously with butter.

The butter should work for about an hour and then can be either washed out with a mild soap suds. Or the garment is immediately cleaned in the washing machine at the highest possible temperature.

What to do against washed grass stains in the pants?

A grass stain that is not properly treated, and therefore still in the pants after washing, is much harder to remove because all home remedies should be applied to dry cloth. This means that the trousers with the washed grass stain must first be dried. Only then can a new attempt to remove the stain be started.

To dissolve the washed-in green stain, alcohol is suitable. The spirit is applied directly to the grass stain. He should take some action and then the pants are washed in the washing machine as hot as possible.

Glycerine is also suitable for removing grass stains. The glycerine is spread with a cotton cloth directly on the green, dry stain. Then the pants can be cleaned in the washing machine.

If you are not able to remove stains from fabric, you can contact to New York Dry Cleaning service for the best dry cleaning services.

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