How Hexapod Are Helping Manufacturers Achieve Precise Positioning

Posted by Anwar Ali on June 24th, 2019

As a business that is involved in manufacturing the benefits of automation isn't unknown to you. While there are many who look at automation from the prism of cost saving and expediting the process the whole reason behind installing robots in your manufacturing facility is different. The reason is these robots often perform tasks humans can't do. Among all the automation equipment that is being used in the industry these days, Hexapods are surely the most popular. They are being put to a variety of tasks where high-precision and high-accuracy are needed for alignment, simulate different functions of the device or testing the unit.

Why does Business need To Opt for Hexapod Robot?
Hexapod robots have been able to lend a new breath of air to the manufacturing process. Unlike robots of the yesteryears, they are able to achieve precise positioning and don't require pre-constructed path and platforms as was common with fixed wheel robots. They are able to achieve high levels of precision when it comes to aligning the smallest components in the manufacturing process. From managing hundreds of kilograms load capacities to traveling hundreds of millimeters they can do it all and at the same time maintaining Nano-level precision in the whole process. They can be used to do all kinds of tasks in the manufacturing business ranging from aligning large body parts in the automotive industry to the smallest of ICs in the industry of electronics. These robots can repeat the same process hundreds of times during a work shift without making errors.

Hybrid Hexapods Taking It To Next Level
If you have been bowled over by what we have mentioned so far you would be amazed to know about the next generation Hybrid Hexapod technology which is driving manufacturing process to the next level. It is being termed as a game changer in the world of motion control and shall drive the manufacturing process to a new era. How does a hybrid hexapod different from the ones that have been used traditionally? The answer is - improved repeatability, higher accuracy rates, Nano precision positioning, and improved geometric performance.

There were performance limitations in traditional hexapods that would often need accurate movement along all the six axes in order to achieve the required motion profile. Also, older varieties of Hexapod robot wouldn't always exhibit stiffness that would require achieving precision on the z-axis through their precision along the x-y axes were nearly flawless. In comes, the hybrid Hexapod and they bring an all-together different approach 6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) devices. They help in improving the performance by combining the XY monolithic stage with a tripod that offers continuous rotation along the theta-Z axis thus improving performance, precision, and productivity in the manufacturing process.

As you can clearly see Hexapods have revolutionized the whole manufacturing process over the last many years and have helped industries achieve high levels of functionality and miniaturization in their products. With Hybrid hexapods, you will be able to able to give a new dimension to your manufacturing process and also stand ahead of the competition.

Summary - In this write-up, we look at how Hexapod is helping businesses in the manufacturing process and achieving high precision.

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