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Posted by Barrownz on June 24th, 2019

SEO is the most important place in blog success. In this post, we will discuss about website optimization by keywords which holds important positions in SEO tips. Keywords are words that people use on various search engines to search for their topics. Often, we endeavor to make our blog post a lot of time to make search engine optimization. In this post we will tell you best SEO tips that will help you get Google Search Engine Ranking.

How to use keywords to get Google Search Engine Ranking?
When it comes to website optimization, we should first use effecting keywords. With this method you can increase your blog's search engine ranking. When search engine crawlers crawl your content, these keywords tell search engines about your blog posts. Keywords play an important role in Google's search engine ranking.

Here are some tips on how to use keywords to increase the Google search engine ranking –

1.    Choose your Keywords - You can start searching for keywords through any keyword checker tool, and choose keywords for your blog. I suggest using the Google AdWords tool to find you keywords. From here you can choose keywords according to competition and searches. By selecting keywords that have low competition and high searches, they will help you find a search ranking.

2.    Use Keywords in your Post Title - After choosing keywords for your blog, in the next step, use those keywords in your blog post efficiently so that your blog post can be optimized for Google search engines well. But if the keyword density is 2.3% -2.5%, then your blog post will be seen as a scam by Google engine search.  You must use these keywords in your post title to get Search Engine Ranking. Remember that the title of post is the first thing that is crawled by search engines. Using keywords in the post title, tells search engines about what this post is about.

3.    Use Keywords in Headings and Sub-Heading - You should use keywords in Headings and Subheadings to make your post SEO rich. Use <H2> and <H3> tags for your post's headings and subheadings and use them in your keyword or keyword phrases. Use your primary keywords in <H2> and <H3> tags to crawl your blog posts by search engines crawler or Bot. When you use keywords in those tags, it will be more beneficial for you.

4.    Use Keywords in Anchor Tag - Most of you know about their importance in anchor tags and SEO. The anchor tag is used to indicate the link, try to use your keyword in the anchor tag. Search engine crawlers give importance to link text instead of simple text. So start using keyword in your anchor tag to increase Google page rank.

5.    Use Keywords in ALT Tag - Images make posts interesting. If you place an image in your blog post, use your keywords in their Alt Tag, this will improve the Google page ranking of your blog. Alt tag tells Google Bot / Spider about your blog posts about what it's about.

In this post we told you what is the search engine? How does it work? And how to use keywords for top 10 search engine ranking. We hope you have liked these information about the search engine. You must share your opinion in the comment box below.

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