6 Benefits of Using PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

Posted by tefcap on June 24th, 2019

PTFE tubing is ubiquitous in many industries today, partially because it’s so versatile, durable, useful, and cost-effective. PTFE tubing is used in a wide range of fields such as medicine, the aerospace industry, the electrical industry, and the automotive sector. It’s perfect for any application in which wiring must be insulated against the effects of heat, and its low electrical conductivity can also prevent shorts and shocks.

PTFE heat shrink tubing is also easy to deploy, as it requires little experience, knowledge, or special equipment to be implanted into the electrical systems of homes, cars, boats, and aircraft. If you work in an environment in which electrical wiring must be shielded from the elements, heat, and nearby sources of electricity, PTFE heat shrink tubing may offer the perfect solution for your needs. Keep reading to learn a few of the benefits of using PTFE heat shrink tubing.

Excellent Insulative Properties

PTFE tubing has very low conductivity when it comes to electrical currents. In other words, electricity cannot easily penetrate PTFE, which makes it the perfect insulation material for use in wiring bundles and harnesses where flexibility is desired but current integrity must be maintained. Wiring can easily be insulating simply by wrapping it and using a heat gun to shrink the PTFE into place.

High Heat Resistance

Though an initial application of heat during fabrication is necessary in many cases, afterwards PTFE tubing is resistant to the effects of high heat environments. It won’t melt or rapidly degrade when exposed to extreme temperatures, which makes it useful in applications such as wiring in engine compartments, where temperatures may climb high during engine operation.

Extremely Durable

Once set, heat shrink PTFE tubing is extremely durable. Because it employs Teflon, it is resistant to abrasion. That means it’s an excellent choice for applications such as auto undercarriage wiring harnesses where the insulation on the wires may be exposed to frequent moisture, grit, and vibration. Lesser material would chafe through under similar circumstances and leave bare wire exposed. PTFE can endure those conditions and provide years of service in harsh environments.

Easily Removable

Despite its high level of durability, heat shrink PTFE can be easily removed from wiring and other materials when it’s no longer needed. Again, the presence of Teflon prevents the PTFE tubing from adhering permanently to a wide range of materials.

Can Be Shaped to Need

PTFE tubing is easy to shape to any need, making it versatile for use even in the most difficult installations. It also can be produced to variable thickness and stiffness without adding significant girth to the device or material being covered. That means it can be used in many applications and meet customized purposes.

Super Versatile

Though the most common use of heat shrink PTFE tubing may be in electrical applications, it can also be used for other purposes as well. It can be easily applied over pipes and fluid lines to provide additional protection and insulation from electrical fields. It allows for smoothed edges in transitions as well as the seamless connection of tubes, pipes, and hoses, even if those materials vary in size. When used to insulate hoses and pipes, it has the added benefit of leak prevention if the underlying material is compromised.

PTFE heat shrink tubing is truly one of the most versatile, durable, and effective materials used today for insulating and protecting wires, pipes, and hoses. If you work in an industry in which the conditions mentioned above are prevalent, consider employing PTFE heat shrink tubing in your projects and designs.

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