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ultimate guide for scuba diving in Andaman.

Posted by Anjireddy on June 24th, 2019

The Andaman Islands are one of the best places to take a scuba diving Adventure In India. Scuba is a symbol of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, essentially equipment that allows you to breathe underwater. The sport of scuba diving helps you experience the underwater world with the help of a tank filled with compressed air. You can enjoy watching and swim with sea turtles, jellyfish, dugongs, and colorful fishes. Andaman is the first and Key place that comes in our mind when we think about adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. One can see the beautiful sea life among the world of awesome vibrant fish, water bodies, and awesome corals.

You don't need swimming to experience the scuba dive: You just take a few hours of basic training is enough for you. First-time divers have to stay within 30 to 40 meters of depth, but you can go deeper with the help of special training or a trained professional. There are many diving schools that offer free dives or open water courses that certify you as a scuba diver. If you love to pump up your endocrine hormones, then these awesome place for scuba diving in Andaman should be on your bucket list.

Best time for scuba diving in Andaman

The best time for scuba diving in Andaman & Nicobar Islands is from Nov to May. However, you can experience scuba diving adventure throughout the year.

Check out the best Andaman tour packages to escape into paradise.

Scuba diving Price in Andaman:

Here you can see the cost of scuba diving based on diving type and location

Diving Type



Cost without Gst

Shore Diving in Port Blair

North Bay Island

Non Swimmers Or Beginners


Shore Diving in Havelock Island

Nemo Reef, Beach No. 3

Non Swimmers Or Beginners


Boat Diving in Port Blair

Carbyns Cove Beach

Non Swimmers Or Beginners


Boat Diving in Cinque Island

Around Cinque Island

Non Swimmers Or Beginners


Boat Diving in Neil Island

Around Neil

Non Swimmers Or Beginners


Boat Diving in Havelock Island

Around Havelock

Non Swimmers Or Beginners


Boat diving in Barren Island

Barren island

Non Swimmers Or Beginners


Best places for scuba diving in Andaman


Havelock island is the best beach destination in India. 50 km long island from the Port Blair has many unexplored diving sites and is considered one of the ideal places for scuba diving in Andaman. It is also a dream destination for the Honeymoon couple, Radhanagar beach in Havelock island ranked 7th popular beach destination in Asia. Thousands of Andaman honeymoon tour packages sold in every month. Some of the most popular ones are:

Mac point 6-15 meters All levels

Being a famous place for scuba diving in Andaman. Here you can experience the scuba diving adventure with Andaman state animal dugong.   Dugongs are a Sirenian tusked animal generally located in Australia and Eastern Africa. Scuba diving with Dugongs is the highlight of Andaman adventure.

Lighthouse 6-20 All levels

This site is a famous place to do night dives. A slanted reef approximately 30 minutes apart from the dive shop, the coral tends to be better in the shallows with lots of Fusiliers, Lionfish, octopus and if divers are lucky a big gang of Humpback Parrotfish. This is the only place to experience the scuba diving at night time in Andaman islands.

Seduction point 5-23 meters, All levels

Seduction Point is a huge rock covered with varied marine life. This site, being unexplored, has rich underwater marine life. For experienced divers, many unexplored diving places are available here.

Aquarium 3-16 meters, All levels

Are you a beginner for scuba diving adventure, this is the best place for experience and learn diving in Andaman. it is located in the south-west of Havelock. The aquarium is a fringing reef spot with plenty of colorful fishes.

Elephant beach 5-25 meters, All levels

This site is located on Havelock island, here you can experience the diving adventure with elephants. It is one of the recommended places in Andaman to take scuba diving adventure in Andaman.

Neil island 12-23 meters, All levels

This site is located in Ritchie's Archipelago. Here you can experience the scuba diving with Margherita’s Mischief with crystal clear water. Also enjoy your dive with Batfish, Pufferfish, Blue-spotted stingrays, Angelfish, Soldierfish and Yellow Snappers. This site is suitable for all kinds of divers.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park 5-25 meters, All levels

This is one of the recommended places for scuba diving in Andaman. Here you can experience the beautiful coral reef, colorful fishes in scuba diving adventure. Boat ride diving is most popular in Mahatma Gandhi marine national park

Barren Island 8m-30 meters, All levels

The barren volcano is only one active volcano in India. This is one of the famous places for scuba diving in Andaman. The beautiful rock structures,  White-tip reef sharks, Soft purple coral, and Manta rays give a great experience in your scuba diving adventure.

Barracuda City 25-30 meters, All levels

Barracuda City is an unseen destination for scuba diving in Andaman. Here, you can explore the marine wonderland with colorful corals and a variation of fishes. With the depth of 25-30 meters, you can experience the scuba diving adventure with sea turtles.

Cinque island 6-45 meters, All levels

Cinque Island consists of a set of islands called North Cinque Island and South Cinque Island associated with a sandbar and is a part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This island is also famous for underwater diving and other activities like camping, sport fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Here you can experience the scuba diving with crystal clear water. This beautiful island is located 26 km away from Port Blair and can be reached from any of the islands through boats.

Restrictions for Scuba diving

We don't support scuba diving to people has high or low hypertension, pregnant women, heart patients, and others who are under regular doctors advise. You may check your health levels with your doctor before taking a Scuba Diving adventure. Moving on the steps with plan and commitment you can increase from being a beginner scuba diver to a master.

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