"CATS" Review: A Look-Through the Production after 18 Years

Posted by John Elia on June 24th, 2019

Recently I went to the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood to see CATS with my children. We bought CATS The Musical Tickets Cheap from Tickets4musical. I was so excited all the way through my drive to the theater. Sharing stories from my experience of the show for a long time before. This got them pumped up to watch CATS as well.

CATS has been the Broadway sensation for 18 years now is the fourth longest-running show in the Broadway history for 9 years. If you are interested to watch the show live there is no way better to enjoy it to the fullest than buying CATS The Musical Tickets from Tickets4Musical.

The musical is based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot, a story tribe of cats named Jellicles. The musical follows the tale of the night when they make their “Jellicle Choice.” The choice is about the cat who will ascend to the Heaviside layer and be reborn.

Music is given by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, the show in the Direction of Trevor Nunn and lighting designs by Natasha Katz opened with a host of big green cat eyes lurking up and down the aisle before they revel upon the softly ignited stage.

From the seats we were sitting at we could see large full moon right above the enormous junkyard, a work of art by scenic designer John Napier. The junkyard, of course, was filled with a tarnished car, oven, bedpost and other vintage items.

The scenes are more awe-inspiring when you see them with your own eyes. So don’t just sit and wait to Get Your CATS The Musical Tickets Cheap at Tickets4musical and get going.

The ACT I starts with Steven Spielberg “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” spaceship flying up and cats gathering to sing "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats." The audience was filled with enthusiastic energy while they applaud welcoming the intense rise and fall in the orchestra with the scenes.

Natasha Katz’s lightening designs gave off a dream-like atmosphere in the theater while cats sang their song. Though audience jolted out with laughter when a boot came flying at cats to scare them off. Other than the cats breaking the fourth wall one or two times the lightning striking through the audience was giving a closeness with the main stage. You can feel yourself becoming a part of the party taking place on the stage.

Then the cats introduced us to the naming system in the cats, explaining “three different names” in “The Naming of Cats” number. Apparently casts need “a sensible name, a fancy name and a dignified name in order to keep his tail upright.”

The intense dancing routine is choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler who is well known for his work in “Hamilton.” The routine is however made based on the original choreography by Gillian Lynne. If you are a ballet fan you are totally going to love this talented and athletic cast display.

The dance moves contain more ballet and modern dance, as opposed to cat-like tiptoeing and springing. Buy the Cheapest CATS The Musical Tickets nowtoexperience this wide variety show with your own two eyes.

 Victoria the White Cat played by Caitlin Bond spins around indicating the beginning of the Jellicle Ball with "The Invitation to the Jellicle Ball” number. It is where the choice on the cat will be made to ascend and be reborn.

The numbers were thoroughly entertaining although, in my personal opinion, big balls of yarn would have been more suitable for the Jennyanydots (Emily Jeanne Phillips) tap dancing number than soccer and basketballs.

Also, the Jennyanydots costume designed by John Napier was a better choice for a mouse than a cat. While the all over designs for the cats’ costumes were ok I was a bit disappointed on seeing the aging kitty Grizabella creeping out onstage cladded in a dress that was similar to the hunched over witch in Snow White. The clothing choice was a bit inappropriate for the part this cat was playing.

Moreover, all the cats hissing, growling, clawing, pushing and taunting at the old cats who have lost her gleam was overdone. Although, the cat sang one of the best songs the musical is known for “Memory” and Fuller sang it with beautiful emotions shining throughout the number. The song has been recorded by more than 150 recording artists to this date. You can also enjoy the show live while it is still playing in the theaters. Click Here to Get Your Cheap CATS The Musical Tickets.

Another dissatisfaction among costumes was the one Old Deuteronomy wore, looking more like the Sasquatch in “Harry and the Hendersons.” He is the largest cat of the tribe who has lived more lives than any and has buried nine wives, he is the tribe leader who chooses which Jellicle Cat will be reborn.

“The Rum Tum Tugger” that gets you to move with it had Vegas elements to it, nevertheless Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (Tony d’Alelio and Rose Iannaccone), the almost identical cat pair, was our favorite number of the evening. They go around singing and entertaining us all while being their playful petty cat burglars selves making human families troubled. I thought this is the highlight of the show, the pair of cats stole the show with their singing, cat-like dancing, and entertaining acrobatics.

The show was sold out at the opening night, but the emptying seats by the intermission were not to go unnoticeable. Also, the expectations rose when I had described the show in the car to my family. They were expecting a lot from the show and were disappointed at many points. I enjoyed the show I watched the first way more than any of my kids this time. The show was probably a bit too long with fewer dialogues and more dancing numbers that made the storyline hard to follow for the people watching it for the first time.

The show, however, had won various awards, including Best Musical at both the Laurence Olivier Awards and the Tony Awards. First appearing in the West End in 1981 it has already grossed over billion worldwide by 1994. Also, I hear, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Steven Spielberg are working toward making it into a film adaptation which is to be out by December 2019.

The cast includes some of the biggest names in the industry like Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and Ian McKellen. I hope with this magnificent cast the film will be able to fascinate many new generation fans for The CATS.

CATS The Musical Philadelphia Tickets must be on sale now and the best source is without a doubt is Tickets4musical.com. Get them now before they go out of the sale.

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