Why Home Owners Need to Insulate their Homes with Styrofoam Board Insulation

Posted by Andrew Oldroyd on June 24th, 2019

When it comes to home improvement, the most common advice is to upgrade your entire house at a once. Insulating your home is also a part of the home improvement project. The most significant benefits come for people who insulate their entire house with Styrofoam Board Insulation. The whole home insulation plan equips a home with a complete air seal, resulting in the fabrication of a building envelope to significantly lower air leakage in the process.

One of the most significant advantages of using Styrofoam board insulation is that it offers ease of installation. One can easily cut the panels with a saw or a knife. In contrast to fibreglass, the foam does not require you to wear a protective suit and safeguard yourself from fibers. The rigidness of the foam ensures that the panels do not leave any room for obstructions in the wall.

Many people still think they do not need to insulate their home because they will not get any results from it. This misconception needs to be deflated. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of insulating your home that will certainly vanish this misunderstanding.

1. Enhances comfort:
Don’t you just hate when you feel extreme cold or extreme warm inside your home? Majority of the comfortable feeling is linked with the level of radiant heat interchange between your body and your surroundings. Proper insulation lessens this exchange of radiant heat, which makes your home—and eventually you—to feel much more comfortable. Insulation makes sure that conditioned air stays in, and the existing weather stays out of the residence.

2. Saves you money:
We all wish to save as much money as we can. Many people pay a lot of money to condition the air present inside their home via heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC). Poor insulation lets that conditioned air to flee from home, while providing a passage for outside air, which means you are wasting a lot of money on ineffective heating and cooling.

3. Insulation preserves the environment:
Environmental issues, such as- global warming, climate alteration, pollution, etc. are hastening with every passing day. To trim down these issues, it’s necessary to insulate your abode because the production of carbon dioxide will decrease. The reduction of this harmful gas is important for the betterment of the entire environment.

4. Increases value of your home:
Many homeowners would prefer to buy an energy-efficient home over a home that has poor energy efficiency. It means, the insulation and other energy efficient attributes present in a house can either be a deal breaker or deal maker.

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