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5 Ways of Using the Sabal Palms in South Carolina

Posted by palmtreedepot on June 24th, 2019

South Carolina has varieties of native palms. And one of such palms is the Sabal palms. Also known as cabbage palms or Sabal Palmetto or Palmetto Palms, this is native to Florida, coastal states as well as Golf Coast. These palms have a fibrous trunk that varies in shape i.e. their shape ranges from straight to curved. These palms are considered as the state tree of South Carolina and Florida. Growing at a height of more than 60 feet, it offers advantages in various aspects, some of which are given below.

  • Food

These palms are edible, particularly the terminal bud are consumed raw or cooked as a vegetable. So, these are consumed by many people in South Carolina.

  • Utilitarian Items

The leaves of these palms are used as roofing thatch. The fronds of Sabal palm are used for making baskets. They are even used by the people in the construction of the house.

  • Wildlife

These palms produce fruits which are edible (as discussed above) and are consumed by many animals like squirrel, wild turkey, deer, etc. Apart from the animals, there are many birds like crows, pleated, robin, etc. that feed on these fruits.

  • Medicine

The berries and seeds of these palms are used for the treatment of headache and fever by many people in South Carolina. The decoction of the roots is used for the treatment of high blood pressure and kidney problem.

  • Landscaping

This palm is used as an ornamental plant. They can be transplanted easily. These are resistance to hurricanes. In South Carolina and Florida, you can find them planted in every resort and on the side of the highways.

Above given are the top five uses of Sabal Palms in South Carolina. Apart from South Carolina, these trees are also available in North Carolina, Florida, etc. where people use them in various ways. Even there are many companies that deal with these trees. Searching on the internet can assist you in finding  the best company in South Carolina providing Sabal Palms.

Palm Tree Depot is one of the reputed companies that deal with these palms. It provides Sabal palms for sale to its customers at an affordable price and provides an in house transportation. Here, you can place a minimum order of 20 Sabal Palms at a price of .The staffs are cooperative and can deliver your product within few days of placing the order. To know more about the company or to place order for Sabal Palms, click on this link at http://www.palmtreedepot.com/

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