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Posted by Yucca195 on June 25th, 2019

When World of Warcraft Classics is launched later this summer, players will get a nostalgic journey of their lives: the opportunity to return to World of Warcraft, which existed in its original state in 2006. But World of Warcraft is not the only MMO game that has undergone major changes and is irreversible in its life. Although few people remember it, Final Fantasy 14 was originally launched in 2010 and is not good. The game was relaunched in 2013 as A Realm Reborn and continues to be one of our favorite MMO games. However, the 2010 version of "Final Fantasy" will never be lost. After all, fans are most concerned about whether the final game is good or not, and whether the price of FFXIV Gil is reasonable.

On the E3, Easy Allies interviewed Naoki Yoshida, the director of Final Fantasy 14 Games. As WoW Classic approaches, he raises a reasonable question: Can Final Fantasy 14 be recreated as a 2010 classic server?

Watching the interview, I know that Yoshida’s response is very lively. Even if the interviewer asks this question, he seems to have inferred his direction and laughed. Although not a native English speaker, Yoshida can summarize his thoughts into a simple word: "nightmare" through laughter.

In response to his response, Yoshida said that Square Enix admitted that the player had asked this question in the past, but did not plan to reconsider the ugly time in FF14 history. In fact, he is worried that the FF14 classic server will even let players stop playing the modern version of the game, or that the player will not spend more Final Fantasy 14 Gil to play the game.

Yoshida is respected by the FF14 community because he saved the MM MMO of Square Enix's fate, making it really very good. When it was first released in 2010, Final Fantasy 14 was definitely a game disaster. The initial release of Final Fantasy 14 was a complete disaster, and Square Enix brought Yoshida to try to save the project. In a few years, Yoshida used the new engine to rebuild the entire MMO, eventually destroying the old world with a meteor in the game, while the original FF14 went offline and planned to launch a new version. When A Realm Reborn was launched in 2013, it was a significantly better game.

So yes, I am not surprised that Yoshida is not interested in resurrecting the dark chapter. Although everyone seems to be vying for the long glory of World of Warcraft, every new update will make Final Fantasy 14 better and better, and there will be a new expansion on July 2. Regarding the development of Final Fantasy 14, No Clip has a documentary worth seeing.

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