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What are the services you can get from Oil Tank Removal Elizabeth NJ?

Posted by OilTankServices on June 25th, 2019

If you are living in Elizabeth, New Jersey and have an oil tank in your property you can contact oil tank services to help you get rid of the tank. They will help you get all the required permits and also arrange an inspection by a town official along with utilities.

To get rid of the tank they will excavate the ground above the tank and make a hole in the tank. Then they will use a vacuum truck to remove the fluid and sludge. After the liquid is removed the tank is wiped dry with a rag. They also remove the cap fill and the entry lines to the tank.

Removal of the oil tank

After the oil tank is clean and dry it is removed from the ground. The tank and the soil are then tested for fluid leakage. If there is no fluid leakage then the tank is disposed of as scrap. The hole where the tank rested is filled with clean soil. Seed and topsoil are reinstated at the site. All required information is provided to the municipality so it can give a certificate of approval to the owner of the tank.

If there is a leakage of fluid then a lot of procedures have to be followed to see that the groundwater and soil are not contaminated. You have to contact Oil Tank Removal Jersey City NJ to get all the necessary certificates.

Removal of Oil Tank in Jersey City

In Jersey City, there are contractors that help you to get rid of your oil tank aesthetically in a cost-effective and efficient manner. They access the layout of the underground tank in any household in New Jersey and remove it using machines without damaging any land or structures around it. Some of the tanks have been buried under walkways with beautiful landscapes.

The company sends certified tank removers needed for the job and removes the tank with machines, inspects the soil and analyzes it to see there is no leakage of fuel. This easily eliminates the tank and gets rid of any problems you might have faced if the tank remained in your property.

The Services provided by Elizabeth NJ Oil Tank Removal

Elizabeth NJ Oil Tank Removal provides a wide range of services given below.

  • They locate and test underground in Elizabeth NJ for oil storage tanks and connections
  • Strategize an action plan within the homeowner's schedule and budget for removal of the tank, remediation, and abandonment
  • Locate and test above ground tanks and systems in Elizabeth NJ.
  • Prepare and submit essential permit applications to agencies in the locality
  • Unearth and remove above ground tank and connecting system.
  • Installing tank and system
  • Testing of groundwater and soil for contaminants
  • Remediation of soil
  • Giving full documentation on tank closure according to NJDEP guidelines
  • Helping homeowners in Elizabeth NJ to get grants and loans by passing applications fast
  • Helping real estate brokers with a skillful assessment of oil tank issues between buyers and sellers

If you face any problem regarding Oil Tank Removal Plainfield NJ you can visit and get in touch OTS to settle the matter.

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