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Posted by PRINCETON LONGEVITY CENTER on June 25th, 2019

Are you investing enough in the health of your executives? Your top talents are the ones driving the best results in your business. Their sick leaves can disrupt your operations, so it makes sense to enroll them in comprehensive executive healthcare programs. These preventive care initiatives aim to help your managers maintain good physical condition. Being with the best executive physical doctors can add healthy years to their lives so that they can do what they love, both professionally and personally. Here’s how.


Executive physicians can offer your corporate leaders a way to incorporate healthcare examinations into their hectic schedules at locations they can easily access. Some programs even feature a variety of head-to-toe tests that can be done in a single day. Like a vehicle, a human body needs preventative maintenance to run with optimal efficiency. Regular checkups that are offered conveniently are seldom canceled.

Dedicated Doctors

Your managers will be provided with trusted medical partners who’ve reviewed their health history, performed physical examinations, and ordered lab tests. These dedicated practitioners will be the ones to give practical advice on diet and exercise and recommendations for medical needs and lifestyle approaches.


A physician will understand first any concerns a patient might have before guiding them throughout the evaluation. They’ll go through a personalized and extended medical consultation and examination. This includes an interview about unhealthy habits such as poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise, and alcohol abuse. Basic statistics will be gathered, such as blood pressure, vision grade, height, weight, and cholesterol level. Imaging screens, advanced labs, cognitive function, and emotional health assessments can also be part of these evaluations, along with:

  • Auditory, cardiac, and pulmonary evaluations
  • Vaccinations
  • Bone densitometry
  • Noninvasive vascular screening

After this, the attending physician will review the full results with the patient, as well as discussing the next steps. This streamlined approach can help reduce or even eliminate medical risk factors. Having a corporate initiative such as this can promote wellness, proper nutrition, good fitness, and stress management among your executives.

Supporting the long-term wellness and productivity of your top talent can give them the optimal health they need to efficiently perform their jobs. A good program can guarantee that they're attended to only by the best executive physical doctors.

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