Common Gmail Issues? Here is how you can fix them

Posted by Walder Smith on June 25th, 2019

As we all know, Gmail is one of the leading email services in India and abroad. Gmail gives its users access to features that they didn’t even know they needed. With the G Suite lives and businesses have just become effortless. 

Sometimes though this seamless solution to all problem may show some errors like error 707 or error 520. You can contact Gmail Customer Care or here are some of the issues that me arise while using Gmail along with the fixes to deal with them:

1.Forgot Username or Password

You may lose access to your Gmail account if you have forgotten your username or password. Fortunately, Google has developed a number of tools to make our lives easier. You can easily retrieve your password along with keeping your account secure.

Firstly, it is very crucial to set up alternative contact methods and sync them to your Gmail account. This ensure faster recovery of the forgotten password. LogIn to the Gmail account and click your profile picture in the upper right corner. Once this is done, tap on “Manage your Google Account”. Click on the “Security” tab and select “Ways we can verify its you” option. The next step is to make sure the two options – Recovery Email and Recovery Phone, are filled out by you.  This will help you to access your account.

In case you are still unable to access your Gmail account then your solution lies with Gmail Customer Care.

2.Gmail Error 707

This is one of the most common errors that arises while using Gmail. You may get a “Oops…. the system has got a problem (#707)”. This is a server error which may become an obstacle in sending emails through Gmail. To resolve this problem follow these steps. 

Steps to Fix Gmail Error 707

• LogIn to your Gmail Account.

• Once you have logged in to your account click on the Gear Box. This can be identified by a Ring Icon.

• Select the Settings tab.
 • Under Settings, you will find the Labs tab on the right. 

• Now, search for Background Send. You can also choose to Scroll down to search for Background Send.

• Here, you will find two options- Enable and Disable. Click on Disable.
Now when you send an email the Gmail Error 707 issue window will not pop-up on your screen.

3.Gmail Error 520

On some rare occasions you may encounter Gmail Error 520. This means that the web server is returning an Unknown error. The causes for this may be multiple and some common ways to fix this are given down below:

Ways to Fix Gmail Error 

  •  You can start by trying to load the URL again. This can be done by clicking F5 or Ctrl+R. You can also use the Refresh or Reload button

  •  Close all open browser windows and then start a new browser session

  •   Clear the browser cache. Some of the files saved on your browser may be outdated or corrupted which could be causing the 502 Bad Gateway error.

  •    Deleting browser cookies may also help you to resolve the issue. If you do not want to delete all the cookies, only deleting the ones related to the Gmail error 505 help with troubleshooting. However, it is best to remove them all.

  •    Using Safe Mode when opening the browser for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. This means running the browser with its default settings, that is, without the extensions or the add-ons, also excluding the toolbar.

  •    Use another Browser. If the new browser does not show a similar error, the previous browser is the source of your problems. 

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