All About Public Advocacy And Why It Is Needed

Posted by PurviDalvi on June 25th, 2019


Understanding the rationale

Often, public advocacy campaigns help influence or support any cause or the policy brought by the administration in the region. This act can happen in both, public and private areas. In India, most people have come across multiple instances of brands, taking-up promotions of its product line. For instance, one large cola brand is promoting a campaign for road safety. They are taking a stand against an issue while promoting their brand. Such branding creates a positive impact in the mind of customers, and they are most likely to use the product in the future if they are not using it already.

Many non-profit organisations are working towards uplifting customer experiences, be it social or other such services. They use multiple tools of advocacy to promote their cause. The public advocates can encourage change in legislation or filing litigation with the judiciary. They play a very active role in mobilising the crowd and channel the agitation to a frequent target. It is talking about and even representing the common interest of the public. Public advocacy campaigns may also include defending the rights of underprivileged and all those who have experienced injustice in some way or the other. It focuses on advocating for the masses and relies on vital topics like labourers, migrant workers, women & children, environmental degradation, animal rights, etc. 

Why public advocacy campaigns are needed? 

1. It helps increase brand value

The brand value of a business and its product line depends on the perception of its stakeholders and the image it creates, in the mind of a customer. Their trust is most famous for any brand to succeed while creating a new pool of customers without spending much on publicity. While running public advocacy campaigns, they pick an issue to create awareness among its existing and potential customers to develop a sense of goodwill in the market. Such campaigns result in a string of loyal customers and long-term trust in the brand.

2. Helps in creating a loyal customer pool

When a brand chooses up an issue to start campaigning, people who feel betrayed by this injustice, join the movement. These people belong to all walks of life. They anticipate that the issue needs complete attention of the authorities, but for the brand, these people are also the potential customers who can be the consumers of their product in the future. A corporate reputation management company makes sure that they pick some ideal issues to draw maximum attention.

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