Preschool or Daycare: Which is best for my child?

Posted by CristinaKay on June 25th, 2019

Generally, most of the parents are confused between preschool and daycare, they think both are the same, but there exists a big difference between them. Childcare is essential for child care, however many have prepared early childhood training staff. On the contrary, preschool is intended as a less-formal class setting to help bridge the gap between daycare and nursery school. Although preschool is not a mandatory part of the elementary school system so the decision of sending the child to preschool mainly depends on parents. Preschool offers a beneficial experience for children as here they learn social and academic skills.

If you are confused and need help to decide which program is best for your child then consider these points -

Preparation for a class setting
Preschool teaches children skills that will help them succeed socially and academically. Children who attend at least one year of preschool prior to starting nursery preschool will learn about numbers, letters, and shapes, and will have improved vocabulary, pre-reading skills, and basic math skills. Preschool additionally opens kids to learning in a gathering setting. The various social skills that children get in preschool are particularly significant for a sound adjustment to nursery schools. Children learn how to behave in a class setting, such as raising their hands to ask or answer questions, wait for their turns, respect others, and pay attention to their teachers

Age of children
Childcare usually caters to youthful kids, with ages going from 18 months old to toddlers up to the age of three. Conversely, preschool is for children who usually ages three and four. New children sometimes attend preschool part-time so that they can ease into the preschool setting, while some children attend for full time.

Duration of program
A daycare will usually provide child care year-round and during regular working hours. Most daycares remain closed during weekends and holidays while some run continuously. Preschools are basically an introduction to the school setting that your child has to understand. Some preschools typically run from September to May or June while some offer part-time programs just like a regular school day.

In preschool, the child learns how to be independent. When youngsters spend half days or entire days from their parents in a preschool class, they can figure out how to adapt to this separation in a fun setting with companions and instructors. This will make the transition to nursery schools even easier for children. Preschool also teaches children how to make decisions, do things for themselves, and become self-reliant and confident with their abilities.

With well-educated and trained staff, quality daycares will also help children develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills. So if your child is still a few years away from starting nursery school, then a quality daycare is the best option. But if your kid is reaching school age (around three or four), a preschool program will prove better. Contact Leaps and Bounds preschool in Escondido to enroll your child in one of the best preschools.

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