Helpful Tips for Cooking in a Rice Cooker

Posted by dennishahn on June 26th, 2019

Rice cooker is an automated kitchen appliance. It is also called rice steamer. It is used to cook or steam rice. It includes three things: a heat source, a cooking bowl, and a thermostat. The main purpose of the thermostat is to measure the temperature of the cooking bowl. The rice cooker also has multiple purposes and sensors.

If you own a Toshiba rice cooker in Malaysia a Tefal rice cooker in Malaysia, then you need to follow the tips mentioned below while using a rice cooker in Malaysia: -

1. You should rinse your rice- rinsing your rice is a healthy way to get rid of the pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. Rinsing also improves the excess start giving your rice a smooth texture. While rinsing is a good habit but still, you should check the instructions written at the back of the packet.

2. Amount of water required- different textures in different material of rice require a different amount of water to be cooked. Your rice cooker will turn off automatically when the rice is thoroughly cooked it takes about 25 to 30 minutes to cook a large amount of rice. To measure the amount of rice to measure the amount of water which is added to it.

3. While cooking- The cooking bowl in the rice cooker is the detachable so after putting rice in water into the cooker. Turn the cooker on set the settings according to your priority. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while rice is cooking, those are: do not lift up the lid while the rice is cooking, you do not need to turn off the rice cooker, it will automatically turn off when the rice is cooked.

4. Set in - After the rice is fully cooked this step is optional but you can let the rice set in for 10to 15 minutes before they have taken out to serve. This will reduce the rice sticking to the rice cooker’s pot.

5. General advice- to maintain the life of your rice cooker you need to clean the rice cooker properly so that it doesn’t get damaged. Both the interior and exterior need to be thoroughly cleaned. You need to make sure that keeping in mind that it is an electrical device it should be given at least 30 minutes after its recently cooked. And after the cleaning of the electric rice cooker at the Moyes should all be thoroughly cleaned before the dry spot is put back in it.

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