A Complete guide for the Breastfeeding

Posted by dennishahn on June 26th, 2019

Women who are new to parenting certainly feel the pressure of breastfeeding the baby. Along with the joy of having a baby in the lap, there is an equal amount of stress as well. The stage of motherhood is certainly quite tough and therefore, a guide at parenting can certainly help through the endless sleepless nights that the mother frequently goes through. Especially while breastfeeding the baby; many mothers incure several issues, which can be solved through certain healthy tips. Some careful guidelines attached to breastfeeding are as follows:

  1. Get the breast position right

Breastfeeding is an amazing experience that a woman goes through and this period is totally worth to cherish by the mother. But a new mother must keep the position of the breast right so that the baby is able to suck in all the milk without any problems. Light pressing of the breast also works and makes it easier for the baby.

  1. Do not use artificial nipples from the very first day

By artificial nipples, it means that a pacifier must not be inserted into the baby’s mouth from the very first day of breastfeeding. Natural breastfeeding must be done for at least two weeks so that the baby gets used to the process. After one week, feeding bottles can be given to the baby. The baby can really enjoy breastfeeding if it is done correctly.

  1. Nurse the baby while feeding

Many babies tend to cry while breastfeeding is taking place. In order to ensure that the baby stays calm all the time, nursing the baby is a must. Singing a sweet song and simply caressing the head might be a good trick.

  1. Do not give supplements to the baby along with breast milk

Breastfeeding is unique in itself. But a common mistake that mothers usually tend to do is to give supplements to the baby along with the milk. Supplements are actually strong enough for the baby in the first two weeks and should be avoided at all cost. Only pure breast milk is allowed at this stage.

  1. Eat proper food to keep the breast milk healthy

Breastfeeding can cause great pain to the mother if she is not concentrating on her food habits. Eating too much protein or carbohydrate can actually cause the nipples to tighten, resulting in pain during the breastfeeding process. Therefore, a complete balanced diet accompanied by lots of fruits must be the priority.

  1. In extreme cases, nursing pads are there to help

Nursing pads or nursing bra in Malaysia can be worn by the new mother if the breasts get too saggy due to breastfeeding. Such a pad or bra helps to keep the breast in shape and also prevents additional discomfort.

The process of being a new mom is filled with joy and laughter and thus, the act of breastfeeding is really crucial as the milk is filled with lots of nutrients for the healthy growth of the baby.

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