Can I Get A Full Mouth Of Dental Implants

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Are you looking for the missing teeth replacement for the whole mouth? Then can opt for the dental implants. The dental implants are a type of dental treatment in which surgical component is placed in between the jaw and skull to support face, and also to support the dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, dentures to acts as an anchor to put a strong base for this dental prosthesis. For the ones who are in doubt whether they can get dental implants for the whole mouth or not, they can opt for dental implants in Peterborough. To know about the dental implants in detail, refer the below-given information.

The procedure for placing Dental Implants

There are various steps in the process of dental implants which are followed as:

Teeth removal - Before any procedure to take place, there is a need for teeth removal.  After the teeth removal, after 4 to 12 months the jaw is ready for the dental implant.

Implant placement - The next is the placement of dental implants. It takes around  2 hours for the placement of the dental implants in the missing spaces.  Moreover, it takes around 5 to  7 days for the proper settlement.

Placement of the temporary crown - Next the dentist in Peterborough opt to place the temporary crown. This process usually takes around 10 to 14 days for the proper placement of the temporary crown. 

Placement of Abutment - The abutment which is used by the dentist and is attached to support the crown. The dentist then takes the impression for the proper making of the permanent crown.  

Placement of permanent crown -   This is the final step in which after when the abutment is placed and leave to heal properly. Then the permanent dental crown is placed.

Types of Dental Implants

Endosteal dental implant - These dental implants are directly implanted in the jawbone; when the gum tissues heal properly.  These type of dental implants are placed when more than two teeth need to be replaced.

Subperiosteal dental implant -  These dental implantscomprises of the metal frame that is fixed between the jawbone and skull.  These type of dental implants are the best as they are attached in the jawbone completely.  

Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of the dental implant are as follow:

  • The Dental implants are the best for the replacement of the missing teeth. As the dental implants function like the other normal teeth. Moreover, these dental implants are quite relevant that it doesn’t feel like having something unnatural in the mouth.
  • Dental implants are the best dental treatment for the replacement of missing teeth, as it lasts for more than  10 years.  Therefore it also depends on the personal care and maintainance of the teeth.
  • The dental implants prevent the loss of the teeth, as due to the missing teeth the remaining bone in the mouth gets deteriorated.  So to avoid such empty space, the dental implants are helpful as it offers the actual support and stability to the teeth. 
  • The Dental implants in Peterborough offer you with the actual shape and structure to your face. The dental implants prevent the ageing of the face and sagging of the face. So for the proper alignment of the face and the teeth,  the dental implants are one of the best treatment.  

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