Automotive Window Regulator Market Global Industry Growth

Posted by surendra choudhary on June 26th, 2019

Window regulator is device which assists the rolling up and rolling down of the car window using switch connected to mechanical or electronic modules. Windows are a vital part of a vehicle. Innovations, growing usage of electronic modules, and changing technology in car are key factors boosting the global window regulator market. Switch and motor mechanism is the simplest mechanism for the door window in automotive. Switches are responsible for the power flow in the automotive window. In some cars, power is passes through the switches instead of the motor and other parts.

New registered vehicles currently contain power windows. Pressing a button is enough for the operation of such windows. Power window regulators employed in power windows are located inside the boards of car doors. A power window system is prompted with electricity and drives the window to slide up or down.

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Anti-pinch window system is a modern-day technology, which is utilized as a safety system in power windows. Anti-pinch window technology wraps the winding of power window. By any means, system senses some interference in a path of window and stops the glass window from further moving up. Hence, preventing probable accidents.

Consumer demands for cars with latest features is high. Automakers are focusing more towards large production of vehicles which provide additional features to fulfil the demand from consumers. Sensors, motorized by electronic systems, are utilized to boost the security of vehicles. Total increase in production of passenger and commercial vehicles is propelling the window regulator market for automotive. Minor accidents can damage the window regulator system and replacement of such system is expensive.

Segmentation of window regulator market can be done by type, vehicle type, sales channel, type of mechanism, and region.

Based on type, the automotive window regulator market can be divided into power and manual. Power window regulators are driven by the electricity provided, while the mechanical arrangement is available for the manual window regulator.

In terms of mechanism, the automotive window regulator market can be classified into three segments. Scissor-like mechanism is the first segment. The second mechanism type uses a single center post, and the third mechanism employs a center post with a cable that goes around rollers on the bottom and top of center post. It winds the cable around a coil behind the roller as it turns and pushes the window glass.

Based on vehicle type, the automotive window regulator market can be classified into four segments. Passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle, and Bus & Coaches. Adoption of the advanced technology takes place at quicker pace in the passenger vehicle compared to other segments.

Sales channel for the automotive window regulator market can be divided into aftermarket and OEM.

Based on region, the automotive window regulator market can be segmented into Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Asia Pacific holds a major share in automotive window regulator market, due to the heavily populated countries from the region. Also rapid pace of adoption of progressive equipment in countries such as India and China. Latin America countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina focus more on cars with recent advancements and technology.

Key manufacturers operating in the global automotive window regulator market include AcDelco, TRAC Auto, APM Auto Parts, Wonh Industries Company, CI Car International, Shiroki, Car international, Valeo, and I Yuan Precision Industrial Company.

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