Tips For Holding A Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Posted by Ali Tariq on June 26th, 2019

The wedding season is approaching and if you are planning to get hitched this season then you need to start planning now. Planning an entire wedding is not an easy task. Since it is your big day thus you would want everything to be perfect. 

Well indoor weddings are much easier to hold as compared to the outdoor weddings. You can find some great outdoor wedding venues Queensland to get married but before you do you need to make sure that you have gotten everything right because outdoor weddings can be a disaster sometimes since you have no control over the venue but let us be honest, they are the best as well. 

So whether you are planning on having an outdoor wedding on a private island or are looking for beach weddings Australia packages, you will need to plan a lot of things before the actual day. So let us look at some of the best tips that will help you host a great outdoor wedding. 

Plan the comfort

You want to look for comfort both for yourself and your guests. You can’t just plan for yourself only because if your guests are unhappy then you entire event will be a disaster. So if you are planning on having a wedding on a hot day, ask the ushers to hand cold water bottles to the guests when they walk in or you can have some kind of a light covering over the top of the seating area to make your guest comfortable.

Have a backup plan

When it comes to outdoor weddings it is always better to have a backup plan because you can never control the weather or your surroundings. Most venues that offer outdoor wedding packages also have a backup indoor wedding area in case anything goes wrong. So it would be perfect if you choose to go with such venues so that your day doesn’t get ruined by the rain.

Consider the wind

Beach weddings can be quite windy. If you are having a friendly and family only wedding then that might be okay because they will be willing to compromise whereas if you are having a huge wedding then make sure that you advise your guests about the venue and the winds with the wedding invite so that they can come prepared.

A sound system is a must

It is important that everyone at the wedding is able to hear what the people are saying. Plus you also need to play music for the dance so hire a sound system the day before the wedding and test it to make sure that it covers the entire area and work perfectly. 


Décor is one of the most crucial parts of the wedding. You want everything to look perfect and even feel perfect. From the flowers to the setting arrangement, everything should be synchronized. So it is better to visit the venue a week before the wedding to plan how you would decorate it on the actual day. it is better to know the ins and outs of the place before you start decorating. 


Food is also one of the most crucial components of a wedding so it is always better to have everything set with your caterer beforehand. Always go for a tasting to be satisfied with the quality of the food that will be served on the actual day of your wedding. 

Avoid the sun

Sun can be a bit of problem when it comes to outdoor weddings but you can avoid it completely if you have your wedding in the cold days of the year or you can book a venue where the sun doesn’t shine directly so that your guests aren’t comfortable. 


Make sure that you get the permit from your city parks department or any other government department before you start planning your wedding. You don’t want the police force to march in our wedding and destroy the entire day so get your permits and abide by the rules and regulations that are imposed by the government if you want everything to go smoothly.

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