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Marine Equipments are necessary to lead the ship without facing any trouble. Moreover, the Ship Operator can’t control the ship without operating those accessories correctly. Besides this, the machinery equipment used in the Ship has enough potentiality to generate power. 

 So, all the operators in the cabin and Ship deck should be aware of the utility of those apparatus and know the effectiveness of them. However, we are going to focus on that area which will help you to know the functions of the Marine equipment and enhance the performance of ships and boats. In case of further information, the Expert team of Marine Companies in Sharjah will help you to have a much more clear idea.

Marine Diesel Engine

Marine Diesel Engine is an internal combustion engine used to ignite the fuel. It is introduced into heated and high-pressure air in an oxidization chamber. All the enclosed combustion engines always examine the diesel engine with a fixed order. Hence, the operation can be held either by stroking four times or using the two-strike approach. 

 Before starting the journey, the normal service power of the main engine must be checked whether it is working fine or not.  An extreme vibration indicates whether any machinery damage occurs in pipes, fitting, or in bearing or not. It becomes warm through lubricating oil systems and the Steam tracking system. To minimize the damage or defect part of the ships, the main machinery must be directed during the entire time of the journey.

Steam Generating Plant

Boiler arrangements that you can find on every type of ship. The main machinery is steam powered and to generate a very high temperature, one or more large water tube boilers are fitted. Those water tubes have the capability to produce steam at very high pressure. 

 A smaller firetube boiler is fitted on a diesel main machinery vessel that provides the necessary steam for the various parts of the ships. Even, both the Watertube and Firetube are available in a variety of designs.

Feed System for Auxilary Boilers and Steam Generation

In the case of an open feed system for an auxiliary boiler, the exhaust steam is condensed in the condenser. This condenser is circulated by the sea water under a small amount of vacuum. After that, it drains under the action of gravity and feeds the filter tank easily. 

 The closed Feed system completes the cycles between the turbine and boiler to return the exhausted steam as a feedwater form. It includes three basic items such as the boiler, the turbine, and a feed pump. So, all the low-energy steam is exhausted to the condenser and then it condenses to water. After that, it is pumped by the feed pump into the boiler.

Pumps and Valves

To raise liquids from a low point to high point, a pump is used and it also provides the liquid with an increase in energy under pressure. The pumping action can be acquired in various ways according to the pump types. 

The pumping system in a ship which includes suction piping, the main pump, and a discharge pump. This system helps to generate a positive pressure and is very helpful to discharge the liquid. The pump generates the required energy to develop the head and overcome all the losses in the system.

The valves play an important role in controlling the fluid flows in the Marine Maintenance System through its incredible piping machinery mechanism. Without proper drainage process, it is difficult to manage the fluid flows and create a huge problem in the turbine system.  However, the Expert team of Marine Companies in Sharjah is experienced enough to control the pumping functions and valve functionalities effectively.

Steering Gear Groups

The steering gear renders a movement of the rudder from the bridge according to the acknowledgment of the signal. The total system is built with three main parts like power unit, control tools and transmitter to the rudder stem. The control apparatus conveys the signal from the ruder from the desired angle and activates the power unit. Both the power unit and the transmission system become initiated until the target angle is reached.

 Hence, the power unit delivers the force with an immediate effect and helps to move the rudder to the required angle when necessary. The transmission system and steering gear control the movements the rudder when it is accomplished.

Ship Power Generator

The entire electrical plant on board ship is made of varieties of power generation accessories. It is a powerful distribution system that can utilize the entire process. Electricity in the motor which is used to drive many auxiliaries and deck machinery, lighting, ventilation as well as the air conditioning accessories. 

 A constant supply of electricity is essential for observing the machinery operation and run the ship navigation process effectively. Besides this, it determines whether the emergency alternator is required with additional capacity or not. The complete range of electrical equipment that includes the generators, switch gears, etc that can be used to guide and distribute the power when necessary. Those emergency storage batteries can be used to generate additional power.

Fire Protection and Control System

Fire is one of the common hazards that might occur very often on the ship. Two different types of fire controllers are present on the board of the ship. Small fire extinguishers are used to control small fires. It is able to take on-the-spot action whereas the fixed installation is very powerful when a greater danger happens associated areas of ship decks, cabins, etc. However, the portable and the fixed fire fighting equipment is essential for controlling the fire at the time of sailing as an extinguisher. 

 Fire protection equipment with various structural features on the ship is designed to hold an outbreak of fire. So, when the non-combustible materials are necessary to spread for preventing the fire, this fire protection and controlling system play an important role to control this situation. It is not a big deal for the Service team of the Expert team of Marine Companies in Sharjah to control the fire protection system efficiently.


This article is mainly focused on the functional roles of Marine Equipment efficiently. Moreover, we have tried to provide you with the important information that is necessary when the ship is at sea. Besides this, the Ship Controller, drivers, and operators, all can take the necessary steps if any occurs during the sailing process. However, it is also effective to consult at Marine Companies in Sharjah for more information that may improve the ship sailing experience shortly. 

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