Décor Tips Inspired by Airbnb Plus Homes

Posted by Rajeev on June 26th, 2019

Airbnb is the next big thing in the hospitality industry. If you love to stay at a home and have a local experience, Airbnb is the best choice. Airbnb has recently launched Plus homes as a premium accommodation. Only superhosts can upgrade to Airbnb Plus category after qualifying over a 100-point checklist. If you are looking for some home décor trends, check out these tips as identified by Airbnb:

Adding some elements of nature can transform the look and feel of any home. AirBnB Plus hosts make their homes beautiful, welcoming and cozy for their guests by incorporating nature in the interior décor. Think potted plants, fresh flowers, ferns, climbing roses, or hanging pots inside your home. Fresh flower and foliage always look better compared to artificial ones. Other natural elements like water, pebbles, fountains can also enhance your surroundings. Traditional style blended with contemporary décor changes the aesthetic of a home. Use modern fixtures and amenities while retaining the traditional theme. Consider retro fixtures like a cast iron stove, vintage copper faucets, wash basins, etc. Instead of luxury furniture choose furniture made of cement, recycled wood, bamboo, jute to add a rustic touch to your home. Add an armchair in the patio by a table with your favorite books. A statement rug can add character and depth to your living space.Moroccan patterned rugs, solid color rugs are a great choice. Add some extra grandeur with high ceilings and polished floors.  Any room looks more spacious and larger with high ceilings. The guests are looking for a comfortable and functional homestay. A clutter-free ambiance imbues calm and relaxation. Minimalist décor trend is quite popular among AirBnB hosts across the world. Choose colors in shades of white, cream, pastel or grey. Use lighting that is chic and modern. Pick curtains and blinds in solid colors. Keep the furniture simple and comfortable. Consider a comfy sectional sofa or chaise lounge for your living room. While some embrace monochrome tones, others love colors. A pop of vibrant color looks amazing against a neutral backdrop. Artwork, paintings, furniture, cushions are a great way to add some color in your room. Colors like aqua and turquoise work well with any shade of white. Similarly, olive green and dark green work brilliantly with neutral shades. You can also choose a theme that features two core colors used in your house. Adding a personal touch enhances the appeal of your home. After all, most homestay guests are looking for a comfortable stay with a memorable experience.

Use these tips to decorate your home or bed & breakfast.

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