Oral Solid Dosage Contract Manufacturing Market Size, Status and Forecast to 202

Posted by Rohini Chaudhari on June 26th, 2019

Oral Solid Dosage Contract Manufacturing Market: An Overview

The global oral solid dosage contract manufacturing market is expected to witness robust growth in the near future, thanks to rising incidences of illnesses globally, and growing innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Oral solid dosage is popular for three main reasons. It is easy to administer, as well as it has an acceptable taste and it is easy to identify. The main goals of various players in the oral solid dosage contract manufacturing market are to create a compressible form of products which is easily ingestible. In order to do so, they require bioavailable substances according to the requirements and additional solutions to control, monitor and provide extended release.

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Additionally, there are two methods of drug release which are common in the market. These two are sustained release and controlled release. In a sustained release, a drug is released at a predetermined rate and a constant drug level is maintained. On the other hand, in a controlled release, the drug delivery takes place at a desired rate for a desired length of time.

Most products in the oral solid dosage contract manufacturing market are made with four main processes. These include wet spray granulation process, high shear granulation process, particle coating process, and direct compression process.

Later, products in the oral solid dosage contract manufacturing market undergo coating process.

Coating gives them their prominent form which is expected to offer low abrasion, good flow ability, protection against environmental factors, active ingredients, visual attractiveness, and masking of taste and smell.

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Oral Solid Dosage Contract Manufacturing Market: Notable Developments

  • CPI, a UK based pharmaceutical company has announced collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, a major player in the pharmaceutical market to develop a manufacturing facility for oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals. The facility will be based in England and produce continuous wet granulation manufacturing with raw material processing capabilities and monitoring systems for quality checks. Various companies including Perceptive Engineering, GEA Group, Innopharma Labs, Siemens, and Kaiser Optical Systems have joined the venture.
  • Wockhardt rose by 1.75% in its stock price to reach rs.449.80, thanks to its announcement about a FDA approval for its cancer drug. Wockhardt’s drug received a FDA approval from the United States FDA agency for 50 mg injection. The drug contains decitabine, which is expected to treat certain forms of cancers.

Oral Solid Dosage Contract Manufacturing Market: Key Trends

Growing cost-cutting opportunities globally are driving companies in the pharmaceutical sector to collaborate with companies from various emerging regions. This collaboration usually involves product development, design, operation, and increasingly promotion strategies as well. The pharmaceutical industry in matured markets, especially the US is cornered due to lowering returns, expiring patents, and increasing use of generic drugs. Additionally, these companies have found outsourcing easier in recent times due to technological advancements, knowledge sharing platforms, and increasing convergence between various government regulatory authorities. These factors are expected to drive the global oral solid dosage contract manufacturing market in the near future.

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