Can you get outlook for windows 10?

Posted by printersupport on June 26th, 2019

Outlook is mostly used over windows 10 platform and hence in the latest version, it comes preinstalled along with the calendar. It is actually free version of Microsoft’s Office productivity suite. As it is termed as the Outlook mail on windows 10 mobile which are running in the smartphones and tablets.

Setting up Mail in windows

Firstly, set up the mail account if you are using it for the first time. Now a day’s loads of features have come up in integrating the system. It allows the user to syncing settings including full email credentials. As in comparison with the apple system, similar steps/installation need to be done in same platform as not in windows. It helps user experience better.

Composition of Email

Clicking on the big plus sign, you will have a big composition pane. Complete the following placeholders as adding necessary information into the form. Various text modification, link addition, playing with the themes are allocated in the system.We are here to help you in each and every way, if you need more information dial Outlook Customer Support Number to get best service.