Tips to Get Best Chemical Supplier at Affordable Price

Posted by Asit Roy on June 26th, 2019

There are many businesses which require working with different chemicals. If you are involved in such a business, then one of the most important parts about which you might be concerned is how to get the best chemical supplier at affordable prices. In this blog, we will tell you some tips which will help you solve this problem.

Don’t Compromise with the Quality.

In the chemical industry, the cost can be very easily reduced by lowering the quality of the product. However, you should be very sure if the quality is up to the mark or not. See, if you buy a lower-priced chemical with low quality, then the quality of your goods will also be reduced, and this will lead to a steep decline in your number of customers, and hence ultimately you will incur a significant loss. This is the reason why you should never fall into the trap of reducing the cost of chemicals by hampering its quality.

Know your Exact Requirements

Chemicals are such a thing in which the composition of elements is fundamental. The price of chemicals highly depends upon the composition of various elements and their purity. Many times, we don’t know about the exact requirements in our process, and we tend to buy costly chemicals without any use. For example, if your chemical process involves Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), then you must know what exact quantity is needed. If your chemical process requires 10% KOH and you are buying 20% KOH, then you are wasting money for extra purity which is not required. It would help if you talked to your chemical engineer to get an exact idea about the requirements and hence cost will be reduced.

Check for ISO Certification

You should never buy chemicals from a supplier who isn’t ISO certified. You must look for ISO 9001:2000 certificated suppliers for your chemical requirements. It will not only certify that the quality is good but also whether the price is appropriate according to the quality or not. Hence, you will get the best quality at reasonable rates.

Choose Eco-Friendly Chemicals

It would help if you chose such a chemical supplier which produces chemicals which are eco-friendly and are less toxic. This will not only reduce any risk of any hazard but will also reduce the cost of your chemicals. It is estimated that the cost of production of eco-friendly chemicals is lesser than that of non-degradable chemicals, which are also a threat to the environment.

Choose a Supplier which has International Clients.

Generally, if some supplier has international clients, especially in China or Japan, then the quality of chemicals is guaranteed to be excellent, and also prices will be lesser. Any chemical supplier in India, which has to transport its chemicals to China, will have to keep the costs low because of the highly competitive Chinese market. This explains why suppliers with foreign clients have low prices.

Finding a cheap chemical supplier in India is a tough job, but you must always prefer quality over the price because ultimately quality will decide the number of customers which is the most crucial part of any business.

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