The Characteristics Of Pet Preform Mould Blow Molding

Posted by preform nicole on June 27th, 2019

Hollow blow molding is a tubular thermoplastic plastic blank extruded from an extruder and still in a softened state, placed in a Pet Preform Mould, and then compressed air is introduced to deform the blank along the cavity by the pressure of the air. Thus, it is blown into a hollow product having a short neck opening.
Hollow blow molding has been widely used to produce a variety of thin shell hollow products, chemical and daily packaging containers, as well as children's toys.
Hollow blow molding (also known as blow molding) is a method of inflating a hot-melt shaped embryo closed in a mold by means of gas pressure to form a hollow product, and is the third most commonly used plastic processing method, and is also developing rapidly. A plastic molding method.
The mold for blow molding has only a female mold (female mold), which is lower in cost and more adaptable than injection molding, and has good formability (such as low stress) to form a product having a complicated undulating curve (shape).
Blow-on plastics include: polyolefins, engineering plastics and elastomers; blow molding applications involve automotive, office equipment, household appliances, medical, etc.; can produce 60,000 bottles per hour and can also manufacture large blow moldings. (The weight of the piece is up to 180kg) The multi-layer blow molding technology has been greatly developed; the blow molding equipment has adopted the closed-loop control system of microcomputer and solid-state electronics, and the computer CAE/CAM technology is also becoming more and more mature; and the blow molding machinery is more specialized and more Unique.
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