'OSRS' Clue Scrolling and Anagram Solutions: All New Treasure Puzzles, Beginners

Posted by xiayumin on June 27th, 2019

Are there any new OSRS scrolling tips that will make you sad? Check out all the secrets and tricks of all our new Clue Scroll puzzles, including anagram solutions, coordinating puzzle locations, and more.

On Thursday, Jagex released a new Treasure Trails extension for Old School Runescape (OSRS) players. The extension includes a lot of new content and also offers some benefits for experienced players.

Thread reels are often a delightful part of OSRS content, and for Buy OSRS Gold the latest extensions, developers have added many new beginner clue scrolls, as well as many new project rewards and challenges for clue scrolling layers. The purpose of adding new thread reels is to help novice or old players find more information in the OSRS world while enjoying the game.

Scrolling layers have a lot of clues, from beginners to elite games, but most require paid subscription games. However, new beginner clues are F2P and P2P players. Added clues include classic clue scrolling puzzles such as puzzles and riddles, and new task-based puzzles called Charlie Clues to help beginners figure out how to RS Gold create hanging items and equipment.

In addition to the new Beginner Clue Scrolls, the extension adds several new passwords, coordinating locations and anagrams, from simple games to higher levels of difficulty.

If you're having trouble finding clues or unlocking an annoying crossword puzzle, we've developed a solution guide, and we've now discovered new puzzles. As more potential customers and solutions are discovered, we will continue to add content to your guide.

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