Nadine Gourkow Provides You with Reasons to Upcycle

Posted by elain martell on June 27th, 2019


If you are reading this, then you likely share similar values with Nadine Gourkow. One thing that she holds close to her heart, is her love of upcycling. Every day, people get rid of their “useless” items and they don’t know what they could really do with them.

Not only could you make a new item for your house, but you could also sell that item for more money than you originally purchased it for. There are dozens of websites that are dedicated to upcycling and many potential buyers. Add that to the benefits that you can gain from upcycling.

Anything from saving the planet to saving money. Below are a few reasons and benefits of upcycling.

Environmentally Friendly

There are so many things that you can do that can reduce your carbon footprint. Upcycling is just one of those ways. If you think about the millions of tons of trash that are hauled off every day in this country, it would probably make you sick. One way to combat that is by turning your “junk” into one of a kind items.

While you may be taking the same project as someone else, your spin on the construction will make it unique. Just think of the next time you have people over to your house and they ask where you got that item. It will make you proud to tell them that you made it yourself.

Help Others

Upcycling does not only have to be about creating a new product. While there are hundreds of niche markets that you could get involved in, there is another thing you could do with your old items. You could simply give it to someone in need. A lot of times, people see hand-me-downs as a bad thing, but it is the number one way that people in poverty upcycle their items.

We can’t tell you how many families with multiple children pass on the clothes from one child to the next. There is no shame in doing this, as it also contributes to the environmentally friendly points that we mentioned above.

Saves Money

If you are looking for a great way to save some money, then you needn’t look any further than upcycling. As we mentioned above, many parents save money by passing clothes from one child to the other. It can also be a way to get “new” things in your house without spending any money.

Well, you might have to spend a little turning it from one thing to the other, but it will not even cost a fraction of what you could spend if you went out and bought something new from the department stores.


If you like to create new things and save some money, as Nadine Gourkow does, then you really need to look into upcycling. There are dozens of websites and YouTube channels dedicated to the craft. All you need it the time to do the work and a little bit of the desire to do it.

There are tons of things that you can make with the items around your house that you were going to throw away. So, go ahead and give upcycling a try. You might even find yourself a new hobby in the process.

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