Common Problems of Contact Lenses and How to Treat Them

Posted by Augenarzt Milanov on June 27th, 2019

Using contact lenses can sometimes be uncomfortable, but by implementing some changes you can tell the difference. Even so, from kontaktlinsen düsseldorf we recommend that you visit your optician first, since he will be able to evaluate the problem and make sure there is not a bigger problem. They can also prevent small irritations from becoming painful and dangerous.

Common problems

Discomfort at the end of the day: Many contact lens users feel discomfort at the end of the day. The silicone hydrogel lenses have been designed to counteract these problems by allowing more quantities of oxygen to reach the eye and, therefore, the lenses remain more hydrated during the day.

It is common for people suffering from dry eyes to switch to contact lenses with less water content. Although these sounds paradoxical, for some users, contact lenses with more water content can dry more easily, which can aggravate dry eye symptoms? Consult your ophthalmologist before changing eyewear düsseldorf and contact lenses.

For some maculade generation users the discomfort can be solved by reducing the number of hours per day the contact lenses are used, for example, by wearing the glasses in the afternoon after work instead of wearing them until they go to bed.

Occasional dryness with the use of contact lenses

Occasional dryness can be relieved temporarily with the use of eye drops. However, you have to make sure that these drops are suitable for use with contact lenses. Not all drops are compatible with all contact lenses, so it is important that your optician tells you which ones to use.

If the symptoms occur for a long period of time, your optician may suggest changing the brand of contact lenses to ones that combat the dryness of the eyes.

Notice the contact lenses in the eye

The fact that you can notice the contact lenses when you use them may be due to a bad adjustment. Just as all eyes are different, so are contact lenses, and they must be adapted to specific requirements. You will notice the contact lenses in the eye when the diameter or curved base has not been properly measured. Similarly, if the lenses are not curved enough, they may move when they blink.

It is not uncommon for lenses of inadequate size to damage the cornea. The fact that all contact lenses are different is just one of the many reasons why you should never use other lenses than yours.

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