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Life is short and we should therefore live it to the fullest. Life flies and our preferences and priorities in life change with time. For this reason, we should always make sure we maximize whatever we have and every opportunity we get to do something.
This is because, that might be the only opportunity you have to do such a particular thing. Therefore, embracing your chances and moments in life gives you high self esteem and helps you appreciate life.
Aging is real and it is part of everyone’s life and at the same time, it is inevitable. Although aging can be fun, it can as well be a nightmare depending on how well prepared you are to embrace it. For some people, aging is a sign of wisdom and responsibility. However, to some people, aging is a sign of failure and close approach to the grave.
The difference between the above two perspective to aging is normally brought about by an individual’s preparedness. For people who gave themselves a chance to explore the world and exhaust everything they could, aging is a success. However, for those people who never gave themselves a chance to enjoy life and live to their fullest, aging is a nightmare.
When it comes to matters of sexuality, aging largely affect people’s sexual drive in very different ways. In this article, we are going to explore on two major ways in which aging causes low libido and especially in men.

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1. Unfulfilled dreams                             

When we are growing up, we all have many goals and dreams in life. Although there are some people who are lucky enough to achieve these goals, there are some who never get a chance to. Sometimes it might be due to fear or we never had a chance of exhausting our ability in one way or another.
At the same time, when joining a certain field, we have different aspects and goals. According to many Chennai escorts, many men suffering from low libido is majorly due to the fact that they are far below what they wanted in life.
2. Fear of the unknown


Aging comes with issues like, health conditions, retirement and such. For men who have always enjoyed being out there and having good times in life, they develop fear of the unknown. According to confessions of many Thiruvallur escorts, low libido in men is brought about by fear than any other reason people think of. 


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