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Posted by onlinetravel agent on June 27th, 2019

Travel agency is any private company that provides various services to travellers like travel tickets, cars, hotels, air, cruises etc. Today Travel Agency Business has become very popular all around the world. In most of the cases travellers usually contact to travel agents to get various travel services. Travel agents book various vendors for the travellers and earn money.

The modern travel agencies originated in middle of 19th century with its origin in 1758. After this travel agencies become very popular functioning as agents selling various travel products to the travellers.

How Do Travel Agents Make Money: -

The earnings of travel agents is mainly based on commission bases. The earning procedure of travel agents can be summed up in following steps: -

  1. First of all traveller contacts a travel agent and they finalises the complete travel.
  2. Then the travel agent books various dealers and different services like travel tickets, cars, air, cruises etc. Travel agent either books these from special travel portals or contacts the vendors personally or provides them their company’s accreditation number.
  3. The vendor gets all information about travel agency through their accreditation number including information about their commission levels.
  4. The travel agent finally books the vendors and receives their commission.

This process includes on commission basis of earnings. But with time many travel portals have lowered down their commission levels provided to travel agencies. So travel agencies started proposing their service charges for their different type of services to the travellers to increase their earnings.


Online Travel Agent: -

Online travel agents are the websites on World Wide Web which provides you different travel services. Online Travel Agents or Agencies (OTAs) are basically traditional travel agents except that they operate online. They can provide you amazing service globally once you partner with them.

Some great OTAs are: -

  1. Expedia
  2. Viator
  3. GetYourGuide

Before taking partnership with your OTA, there are some important things which you should take care of, so that the things between you and your OTA will go a long way. These are:

  • Offer real-time availability
  • No cut-offs short minimum notices
  • Strong connection
  • Accept booking in advance
  • Pictures
  • Detailed descriptions

You should provide these all to your OTA.

Why Use a Travel Agent: -

Many travellers think that using travel agents is not much good. But travel agents can help you a lot in booking your travel and also saving your money to a good extent.

Following are some things which a travel agent does usually for you : -

  1. Experience
  2. Advocate
  3. Resources
  4. Convenience
  5. Relationship’
  6. Save money
  7. Added value

So we can say that Travel Agency Business in modern world is very successful business.

Travel Agent Indonesia: -

Similarly, there are a lot of travel agencies providing service to Travel Agent Indonesia. Indonesia country is rich in culture and tradition. So here travelling is very common. One can find out list of best travel agency by browsing the Google.

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