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Posted by Dab Nation on June 27th, 2019

Just like smoking, vaping is also age old method of consuming Cannabis or other herbs. Earlier, in ancient times, people used to place the herbs on the heated rocks to make their content evaporate. And, then they used to inhale those vapors.

As the time passed and we evolved technologically, people started extracting the oil (also termed as wax) from the herbs for vaping purposes. Both dry herbs and wax are equally effective, but some people find it convenient to use wax as compared to dry herbs.

The wax concentrates obtained from the herbs are vaped. Wax concentrates are available in the form of transparent oils or dark coloured oils. The wax extraction process is different for different herbs. However, in every case the wax is mostly highly concentrated with THC and concentration may go upto 99%.

Smoking on the other hand requires dry herbs. So for those people who don’t find vaping as their thing can go for smoking, you can go for smoking bongs or glass pipes for having an incredible smoking experience.

Wax Vape pen:

It is an electrical device that facilitates wax vaporization. A wax Vape pen consists of a heating coil and is operated by batteries. So, all you need to do is to load the wax concentrate into the provided chamber (in Wax vape pen) and just switch it on.

They are available in various shapes and sizes and are very much portable owing to their pen-like structure. There are various stores that have a wide range of wax vape pen for sale. You can easily get the one that suits your requirements. Wax vaping is economical as you need it small quantity and you can use thrice after loading it once. The wax is also available in various flavors. Vape pen helps to eliminate toxins and also prevents you from the damage caused by smoke as it is hot.

Smoking Bongs:

Another way of vaping cannabis or other herbs is using the smoking bong. The smoking bong has pipe that is attached to a bowl or a chamber. The chamber is partially filled with water. Due to the wider pipe and bigger chamber, it facilitates bigger hits at one shot. They let you inhale bigger hits and in turn giving you an instant high. You can easily find various online or offline stores having smoking bongs for sale.

Spoon pipes:

Spoon pipes are portable and handheld glass pipes, often used for smoking. They give a great smoking experience. It is mostly used for smoking dry herbs. These small glass pipes can be easily carried and do not require water. You just need a lighter and you favorite dry herb to get yourself going. Spoon pipes helps you get more of THC in one hit.

So for those who are fantasized by smoke, smoking bongs and glass pipes are best for them. But those who prefer vaping can go for wax vape pens. All of them will let you get the desired high.

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