Michael G. Merhige Equates History of Governments to History of Dishonesty in Ne

Posted by Donald Hood on June 27th, 2019

1888PressRelease -  Former military and CIA officer cites the cost of lies in debut political philosophy.

MIAMI – For author Michael G. Merhige, the history of humanity is a history of unbridled gullibility by the many that are ruled by lies and deceit from those in power. Only truth can free the unsuspecting. “Truth promotes healing, understanding, and trust.”

In Thoughtful Pauses, Merhige explains the deep underlying virtue of truth: it defines the lowest depth of a matter, thus making ascent possible. By removing doubt, suspicion, and speculation, all factors that hinder stability, a society can progress. Yet he cautions that when getting at the truth, one should know the source’s bona fides. “When the media and the government have the same agenda, then look elsewhere for the truth.”

“Too often the press has a way of reporting stories not to deliver the truth, but for the purpose of swaying public opinion its way,” explains Merhige. “I know of nothing so insidiously dangerous and threatening to freedom as unbridled big media’s ability to consistently seek and receive the people’s unquestioning trust. A people that will give the media a free pass will, in time, forfeit their freedom.”

Merhige’s writing in Thoughtful Pauses is meant to tweak the reader’s interest about the role and function of government, the law, and society’s place in the higher halls of nationhood that we seek. The book can be purchased online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers. For more information about Thoughtful Pauses, visit www.ThoughtfulPauses.com.

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Michael G. Merhige played semi-pro high school baseball in the Ben Johnson League for two summers in Kansas. He received a scholarship to the University of Alabama as a baseball letterman. He served in the US Army as an officer attached to the Navy and Marine Corps during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the Caribbean. He was also a CIA officer in the Far East (official cover) and in South America (non-official cover). He retired as a Corporate Development Executive in private industry. He now resides in Miami, Florida.

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