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Posted by Global Environmental Solutions on June 27th, 2019

When anything disturbs the soil, dust will be present in the environment. And sometimes, sediments will also be present and erosion will take place. Therefore, the soil should be well taken care of so that dust and sediments may be absent. In case there is dust for some reason, there are a lot of products and solutions that you could use for dust mitigation. One such product or solution is the dust suppressant. So, what are some of the dust suppressant that you could use to mitigate or control the dust?


Dust poses health risks to animals as well as humans. Some of the health risks include lungs and respiratory infections. There is need to control dust. It’s impossible to eliminate dust. You can only control it. One of the products that you can use for dust mitigation is the DirtGlue dust suppressant. This is a liquid concentrate that you will dilute with water and apply to the soil surface. It works by bonding soil particles together to form crusts. This drastically reduces dust in the soil, thus making the environment safe. In addition to mitigating dust, it also reduces soil erosion.

One advantage of this product is its eco-friendly composition which makes it eco-friendly in general. It is safe and doesn’t harm animals, plants and humans. You could buy this solution from companies that offer dust mitigation services. Just do some research and find which companies offer professional services that aim to mitigate dust in your environment.


Another dust suppressant is the DustLess organic fluid. It also works to mitigate dust in your environment so that you can have a clean, clear and safe environment. This product is an organic fluid that eliminates the need for water since it is a ready-to-use dust suppressant. Also, it is eco-friendly and doesn’t harm animals, plants and humans. When you are looking for dust mitigation product for your gravel parking lot, mining site, quarry or unpaved roads, then this is one of the dust suppressants that you shouldn’t overlook.

If you’re looking to control dust in your environment, such products will help you a great deal. It doesn’t matter how dusty the soil gets when something disturbs it as long as you are using Dustless organic fluid. In other words, it is a fugitive dust control product that will yield a positive result. There are companies that specializes in providing professional services that help clients all over the world to control dust in their environment. Make sure you choose a reputable company that uses equally reputable products. The good news is, you can use these products to control dust on your own without any professional supervision since they are easy to use.

Polymer for Pavement systems

Sometimes, there is need to reduce dust on roads. The good news is, there is polymer pavement system that works to reduce dust on road surfaces. Not only does it reduce dust on roads’ surfaces, it also provides a permanent, hardened and a strong road surface that withstands all the weight and weather conditions that roads go through. When using polymer pavement system for roads, strong, waterproof roads with long lifespans are guaranteed. This is because the polymer pavement system has TerraDry, which is a waterproofing agent, and DirtGlue industrial product that is a high-tech bonding product that help to keep roads’ surfaces strong. All you need to do is look for a company that offers specialized roads construction services if you want strong dustless roads that are also long lasting.

If you are looking for dust suppressants that work perfectly well to reduce dust in your environment, then fugitive dust control products such as DustLess and Dust Mitigation solutions are a perfect choice for you. There are so many companies that offer these dust mitigation products. All you need it to find which one of them offers high-quality products that are also safe for the environment. For more information, you could visit

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