5 Steps Needed For Putting Bridging Visa Into Action.

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Step: 1


What is bridging Visa?

Bridging visa allows you to stay in Australia even if your current visa is expired. The bridging visa is divided into five categories the applicant can choose any category according to their circumstances.

Step 2 :

To Know about different categories of bridging Visa.

Bridging Visa A: It will work as your current visa, it doesn’t allow you to visit outside Australia.

Bridging Visa B: It is similar to bridging visa A in work rights but it allows you to visit outside Australia but for a specific period of time.

Bridging Visa C: It ceases your work rights also don’t allow you to visit outside Australia but it will be helpful when your current visa is expired and you are an unlawful citizen.

Bridging Visa D: It is a short life bridging visa it is granted when you are soon leaving the country or there is a problem in your substantive visa application.

 Bridging Visa E: This visa is granted if your current visa is expired and you didn’t apply for bridging visa either then you are provided with bridging visa D for some days till you get bridging visa E. 

Step 3:- 

To Know Eligibility Criteria for bridging Visa:-

Although each bridging Visa has its own criteria we should know the general one they are as follows:-

  1. You should be in Australia at the time of application.

  2. You should apply for a substantive visa which should be granted in Australia.

These are the two points which are common in each bridging Visa.

Step 4: -

What happens if the bridging visa expires?

If this condition happens then is two-step action which you will take they are:-

  1. If your bridging visa is expired then you will be granted with your new substantive visa.

  2. You can apply for another bridging Visa beforehand as mostly bridging visa processing time is 24 hours to 7 days depends on the situation.

Step 5:

Hire a registered migration agent 

Bridging Visa is helpful for all those candidates whose current visa is expired or going to expired but the process of bridging visa is not that easy as it seems this is where registered migration agent in Perth comes into play they are expert of this field they knew how to deal with all these situations and the best part is they will also guide you with changing law of migration. Migration agent also makes your whole visa work hassle-free.

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