Fact behind Al-Abwaa in Saudi Arabia

Posted by Ady on June 27th, 2019

Al-Abwaa is Hejazi village between Mecca and Medina belonging to the area of Rabigh, on the western coast of Saudi Arabia. It is that village where the grave of Bibi Amina the mother of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is placed. It is located between Madinah and Juhfah about 23 miles from Madinah. Every year Amina (RA) came to visit the grave of her husband Abdullah (RA) who passed away during the trading in Madinah and he had to bury there.

Amina (RA) passed away at the place of Abwaa when she set off a journey to Madinah. The spot is richly visited from the pilgrims of the United States through Hajj umrah packages UK every year. Ibne Asakir reported that Amina Bint e Wahhab brought the Muhammad (SAW) at the age of six years to her brothers who were of Banu Najjar. After visiting the grave of her husband she moved towards Makkah. During the journey, she faced harmful disease and finally died at Abwaa.
The place still realizes the gloomiest atmosphere whenever someone visits it. The grave of Hazrat Amina was placed in Abwaa but now it is only on the top of a hill near Abwaa valley. In the ruling of the Ottoman period, there was a great tomb of the grave of Hazrat Amina, yet later on, destroyed by the Saudi government and visiting her burial site was also banned. The reason behind the destruction of the site was obviously shirked committing. People started to bow as well as kissing the grave strength, however, it has to be destroyed to eliminate the shirk activities. And a group of people from Malatya, Turkey found Hazrat Amina's grave in a miserable state, so they rearranged the stones on the grave to make into a tomb but they were also checked to do so.

The major purpose of not constructing the tomb of the grave of Hazrat Amina is apparently to stop increasing the shirk activities. That’s why not only the tomb of Hazrat Amina was destructed but also other tombs of great figures were also removed.

The military campaign of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Al-Abwaa

When Allah-Almighty granted Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with Prophethood, so the Quraysh became his bitter enemy. So, Muhammad (SAW) migrated from Makkah to Madinah and dwelled there the rest of life preaching and serving Islam. During the invasion of Waddan or Al-Abwaa was the first offensive in which Muhammad (SAW) took part personally with 70 troops mostly Muhajireen.

It is reported that twelve months after moving to Medina, the Messenger of God himself led a caravan raid to Waddan or Al-Abwaa. The aim of the invasion was to seize the caravans of the Quraysh. As raid party did not meet any Quraysh during the raid, however, the caravan of the Banu Damrah was raided. After making dialogues the two leaders signed a treaty of non-aggression. Banu Damrah assured not to attack Muslims or side with the Quraysh while Muhammad (SAW) pledged not to attack, or get the things the caravans of the Banu Damrah.

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