I'm single but I wish I had a girlfriend

Posted by Juanes Garza on June 27th, 2019

"I would like to have a girlfriend" Many men do not know how common this phrase is.

So, we take great pleasure to share a few key tips that’ll empower you to find someone special in your life, and start living your dreams.

For men who have trouble finding a girlfriend, keep reading and we'll explain how you can get better at chatting, flirting and intimacy.

When Finding A Girlfriend : know what you are looking for ! 

Before anything, we recommend that you know what you are looking for, because entering into relationships blind usually turns into a disaster.

Knowing what you want will put you and your future girlfriend in the right position to be a success.

When Finding A Girlfriend: Never Settle For Less

If you want a brown eyed girl but she has green eyes, that shouldn’t be a decisive factor. 

However, if you want a girlfriend who is career driven and ambitious, then you don’t want to hook up with a night manager of a small motel.

So never settle for less! This is the reason why you need to be clear about what you want, because long-term relationships needs to be established on a good foundation to be succesful, commitment is not enough.

So, what are some of the important factors?

There are 3 factors that play important roles when it comes to choosing a girlfriend

These factors are Goals, Values, and Interests.

1- Goals: Maybe you want to be a firefighter and she wants to be a nail technician, that’s okay, but what do you both expect to obtain? Do you wish to own a house on the beach or live simple? these type of things you should think about.

2- Values: Maybe you hold high family values, or you're a church enthusiast, or value high profile careers. 

Whatever your values ​​are, clarify them and choose a girlfriend who shares the same values as you, or at least has values compatible to yours.

3- Interests: You are outgoing and she is not, your dream is to travel but she has a fear of flying.

Making sure that you share common interest with each other is very important otherwise, you will be left unfulfilled.

Finding a girlfriend: Creating An Emotional Connection

When it comes to connecting with her, you will have to create emotional bonds.

You do this by showing her that you understand her as a person.

Let’s go over how to do that:

Be A Good Listener: always listen carefully, giving visual and oral cues (nodding) while speaking.

  • While listening, connect with her emotional core: for example:

She shares with you how she loves her job, but that it's really hard" or 

She shares with you how she would love to live in a big city, but wouldn’t wan’t to change the lovely small town that she lives in 

"for anything in world" 

If you respond echoing her lines with pure identification, paying full attention and into her wholeheartedly, then you have reached her emotional core.

  • Ask Questions Of Concern: 

Asking her questions of concerns will give her the opportunity to reveal herself to you. 

Questions of concerns include: her adea about what is fair, her desires, dreams and expectations.

This will create the kind of intimacy that you want between you and your potential partner.


Follow these tips, and the thought that “I'm single but I wish I had a girlfriend" will be a thing of the past.

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