10+ Great Books for Hadoop

Posted by hussain on June 28th, 2019

Hadoop is an Apache Software Foundation project that significantly provides 2 things:

1. A distributed file system is known as HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

2. A framework and API for building and running Map Reduce jobs

Here we tend to cover the most books that specifically target Hadoop and related projects.

1. Hadoop in Action by Chuck Lam

One of the few non-O’Reilly books in this list, Hadoop in Action is similar to the definitive guide in this it provides a decent reference for what Hadoop is and the way to use it. It sounds like this book provides an additional mild introduction to Hadoop compared to the other books in this list.

2. Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading

Released July 2013 this book guarantees to guide readers through writing and testing Cascading primarily based workflows. this can be one in all the few books written concerning higher level Map reduce frameworks, thus I’m excited to offer it a read.

3. Apache Hadoop Yarn by Arun Murthy.

A front to back guide to YARN, future generation task management layer for Hadoop. This book is written (in part) by the YARN project founder, and therefore the project lead.

4. Hadoop in practice by Alex Holmes

A slightly more advanced guide to running Hadoop. It includes chapters that detail a way to best move knowledge around, a way to suppose in Map reduce, and (importantly) a way to the right and optimizes your jobs.

5. Pro-Hadoop by mythical being Venner

This A-Press book claims it'll guide you through initial Hadoop started whereas additionally serving to you avoid several of the pitfalls that usual Hadoop novices encounter. Once more it's similar in contents to Hadoop in Action and therefore the Definitive Guide

6. Hadoop: The Definitive Guide by Tom White

The Definitive guide is in some ways that the ‘Hadoop bible’, and maybe a superb reference once acting on Hadoop, however, don't expect it to supply an easy obtaining started tutorial for writing a Map Reduce. This book is nice for extremely understanding however everything works and the way all the systems match along.

7. Hadoop Essentials: A Quantitative Approach by Henry Liu

Another Hadoop intro book, Hadoop necessities focus on providing an additional practical introduction to Hadoop that appears ideal for a cs classroom setting

8. Real-world Hadoop Solutions reference work by Jonathan Owens, Brian Femiano & Jon Lentz

A book that aims to supply real-world samples of common Hadoop issues. It additionally covers building integrated solutions using surrounding tools (hive, pig, girafe, etc)

9. Hadoop Map-reduce reference work by Srinath Perera

The reference work provides an introduction to putting in / configuring Hadoop at the side of ‘more than fifty ready-to-use Hadoop Map Reduce recipes’.

10. Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer

This is the book if you wish to understand the ins and outs of prototyping, deploying, configuring, optimizing, and tweaking a production Hadoop system. Eric Sammer could be a very knowledgeable engineer, thus this book is chock filled with goodies.

11. Map reduce design Patterns by Donald Miller and Adam Shook

Design Patterns is a nice resource to induce some insight into a way to do non-trivial things with Hadoop. This book goes into helpful detail on a way to style specific kinds of algorithms, outlines why they ought to be designed that means, and provides examples.

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