Benefits of Professional Year Course in Australia

Posted by EchoesEducation on June 28th, 2019

Among all other countries in the world, Australia definitely holds a top rank when it comes to pursuing higher education. Having great weather throughout the year coupled with qualified faculties and an advanced curriculum and world-class universities, the country has become one of the main hubs for international students. And if you are thinking about choosing Australia for your further education, then you should definitely have some knowledge about the Professional year course in Australia. This program spans over a time period of 44 weeks with 32-week Business Communication skills and Australian Workplace skills training followed by a 12-week Australian workplace internship and has tons of benefits that you should know about.

Provides you with amazing internship opportunities

Students often face a problem when it comes to finding a job that is best suited to their niche. But if you take the Professional year course in Australia, then you will find yourself amidst several internship opportunities. Once you complete the internship, you have higher chances of being recruited as an employee with that respective company or be job ready for other companies.

Become familiar with the culture and work environment of Australia

The professional workspaces of every country are different. Everyone has their own culture. And so the codes of conduct differ too. The Professional Year Course trains the international students about the work culture and works ethics of Australia. You will also learn how you can keep up with the work-life balance in your life in Australia.

Expand your professional circle

When you take this course, you will automatically get the opportunity to socialize with a lot of people in your field, get to know the veterans and seniors while in an internship and expand your professional circle. It offers you the perfect opportunity to network, show your skills and bag a great job in Australia.

Enhance your interpersonal skill

The Professional Year course teaches you all about work communication and professional skills. It enhances the interpersonal and interaction skills of international students. It prepares you for interviews and makes you more confident. You will learn how to handle difficult conversations and also learn a variety of communication strategies that will help you in your workplace.

Strengthen your permanent residency application

The international students who complete the Professional year course successfully gain 5 migration points towards an international student's PR application.

Professional Year Course is available for an international student who has completed at least 2 years of studies from an Australian University in the fields of Accounting, Engineering and IT.

For admission and the most affordable Professional year accounting fee in Australia get in touch with Echoes Global Education Australia.

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