Ways in Which Healthcare Facilities Benefit from Patient-Centered Care

Posted by Patrick Parker on June 28th, 2019

With the patient-centered model, patients tend to benefit immensely because they become more empowered and get better care. This model is now considered to be more than just a trend since policy advocates and industry experts believe that it will transform the healthcare system for good. Hospitals also enjoy substantial benefits when they implement patient-centered care. These advantages include the following:

Better financial performance

When hospital systems are guided by the needs of families and patients, they become more efficient. Patient friendly services tend to actively engage all the stakeholders and it leads to a decrease in the overall expenses. The hospital will enjoy reduced wastage in terms of staff resources and materials through fewer process delays, a decrease in diagnostic referrals and tests, and maximizing patient educational efforts.

Increases market share

Today, many patients are conversant with patient-centered care and they will seek healthcare facilities that utilize such a system. Survey findings show that 40% of patient respondents are eager to switch to medical facilities that offer more patient-centered services. Patient-centered care can help a hospital to be known for high-quality services and this will help them to gain a competitive advantage over the hospitals that stick to traditional methods.

Higher levels of employee satisfaction

A more efficient system tends to reduce employee burnout, boost staff relationships and enhance patient-caretaker interactions. All these help in enhancing employee satisfaction and retention rates. Improved retention comes in handy because it contributes to less training costs, lowers expenses because of inefficient practices and guarantees high-quality personalized caregivers.

Improves the hospital’s ranking

When carrying out hospital and patient surveys, pollsters are now incorporating patient-centered measures. They have crucial metrics on communication between patients and healthcare providers, quality of the relationship, sufficient discharge information, effective pain medication system, and enhanced health outcomes. Therefore, your healthcare facility can rank better if you utilize patient-centered care.

 Enhances the outcomes of patient health

Scientific knowledge and experiences show that patients who receive this type of care tend to be more satisfied and happier. As a result, there are in less pain and will stay healthier for longer. It is without a doubt that the patient-centered model is a profitable business model that also boosts the quality of life of the patients.

Patient centered services immensely benefits patients because they become more empowered and they receive better care. However, this model also has lots of advantages for facilities that implement them when compared to the customary volume-based business model. This is because, for this model to work, it requires the support of hospital administrators and healthcare providers. It is time for hospitals to embrace and implement patient-centered services if they want to take their facilities to the next level.

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