6 Ways to Put a Stop to Ankle Swelling During Pregnancy

Posted by vivek choudhary on June 28th, 2019

As suggested by a pregnancy specialist doctor in Chandigarh, you may come across numerous factors that are instrumental in causing foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy. To begin with, your body develops the propensity of retaining more fluid in the course of pregnancy. In addition, the gradually increasing size of your uterus exerts pressure on your veins. This, in turn, hinders the flow of blood back to your heart. Finally, hormonal shifts may also have a part to play.

  • Foot and ankle swelling, as per the best female gynecologist in Chandigarh, is a common occurrence during pregnancy.
  • The symptoms fade away slowly but surely after your delivery.
  • In the meanwhile, it would be helpful if you:
  1. Stay off your feet
  • Keep away from long spells of standing.
  • When feasible, you can sit with your feet placed upward.
  • Sometimes, you can take to rotating your feet at the points of your ankles.
  • In addition, you can mildly stretch your feet to loosen up your calf muscles.
  • It’s even better to lie down with your legs in an elevated posture.
  1. Sleep on your left side
  • By doing so, you’re benefitting the large vein (the inferior vena cava) that brings back blood from your body’s lower part to your heart to be shorn of any considerable exertion of pressure.
  • Besides, you can do yourself a good turn by elevating your legs to some extent with the help of pillows.
  1. Wear compression stockings
  • You may receive a recommendation from your health care provider at a maternity hospital in Chandigarh to wear tights or stockings that offer enough bolster to your feet and ankles all throughout the day.
  1. Be physically active daily
  • You can actively engage in walking, riding a stationary bike, or making a number of swim laps inside a pool.
  1. Stand or walk in the pool
  • Even though there isn’t enough research on the usefulness of water in bringing relief to foot and ankle swelling, still, you can stand or walk in a swimming pool as it apparently helps in offering compression to the tissues in your legs.
  • Besides, these actions may well render some temporary respite from swelling for the period of your pregnancy.
  1. Wear loose clothing
  • Your blood flow can be restricted if you keep on wearing tight clothes.
  • Avoid wearing socks or stockings fitted with skintight bands in the areas of your ankles and calf muscles.


  • According to an expert specialized in physiotherapy in Chandigarh, a number of research studies indicate that regular foot massage and reflexology therapy which incorporates the application of pressure in specific areas of your ears, hands, and feet might aid in a diminution of foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy.
  • Additionally, if you experience swelling, it doesn’t mean you cut back on the quantity of fluids you drink. A neonatologist in Chandigarh recommendsdrinking at least 10 cups of fluids equivalent to 2.4 liters a day when you’re living through your pregnancy.
  • It must be noted that light foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy is normal.
  • However, in the event, you experience painful swelling, particularly in just one leg; it possibly will be a warning sign of a blood clot, a condition known by the name of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
  • Furthermore, an unexpected increase in swelling also means that you’re carrying a blood pressure higher than normal.
  • Both these conditions call for immediate assessment and treatment.

Seek medical attention from your health care provider at Paras Bliss, the best maternity hospital in Chandigarh, for both conditions of the normal and unusual foot and ankle swelling. Consult your physician who may prescribe medications or other treatment strategies to help reduce your condition.9

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