Tips for Choosing Best Online Business Loan

Posted by Saloni Nair on June 28th, 2019

There are numerous NBFCs providing an online business loan to cater to your financial needs be it a working capital loan or a start-up or an SME looking for investment capital. However, due to so many options available one click away, you might get confused as to which NBFC provides the business loan which is flexible and meets all your funding needs. The key to bagging your loan is identifying the correct amount you need to commence, operate or expand your business at the lowest interest rate possible for a reasonable period of time.

Here are a few tips that will help you land the business loan appropriate for your organisation.

  •        Maintain a Good Credit Score: Your creditworthiness is primarily considered while allocating the loan amount or even authenticating you as a borrower. The eligibility assessment while applying for the loan includes ensuring your credit score is intact from the lender's point of view.
  •        Get Out of Prolonged Bad Debts: If you are stuck in the claws of bad debt, this is the time to get out of it. The cash flow or business fund which is stuck in the debt cycle should be released at the earliest. This will help determine the exact amount required to loan out. Because when you receive the designated amount from your debtor, you can contribute it to finance your internal operational projects. This will decrease the loan amount of increase the utility of the amount received. Similarly, if you are stuck being a bad debt yourself with a high priced lender, it is the appropriate time to get out of it. You can save thousands of rupees by refinancing costly debts and switch to an unsecured long term loan with a reasonable rate of interest.
  •        Know Your NBFC: Always ensure that you know whichever Non- Banking Financial Company you select to loan you out. You should be well versed with their policies drawn out.
  •        Check Interest Rates: When you select the plan for your loan, be completely aware of the interest rates. Calculate the future amount you will pay the lenders. The Annual Percentage Rate should be completely revised before consenting to the loan. Compare different plans based on the interest rates offered by different NBFCs or the same NBFC having multiple plans.
  •        Beware of Extra Costs: This is probably the most important tip while choosing a business loan online. Always beware of all the costs you are expected to pay other than the interest rate and the principle amount. Know your costs as to when and how much processing fee, application fee you are required to pay. Also, ensure that you know about the foreclosure expenses in advance. Make sure you know each and every amount you are expected to pay. No payment to the lender should come to you as a surprise.


After considering all these points you should always remember to read each and every document thoroughly before consenting to the receipt of the loan amount. Reach out to the experts whenever necessary.

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