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Crying is another natural fact of humans’ life it is a shedding of tears in response to pain sorrow, affection or a physical irritation in the eye. People cries when they lose someone who was very close to the heart, a mother cries out of love and affection for its child, a student may shed tears of achieving success. There are different frequencies of crying  named as wailing, whimpering, bawling, weeping, sobbing etc  but is it possible to fake crying well the answer is yes actors and  theatre artists are the master of fake crying they take you to the state of emotional journey making you to feel their pain and sorrows.

Here are the few techniques to acquire How to make yourself cry.

  • Think of past sad moments: don’t let your mind to skip any thoughts of past sad moments,

Focus on those sad emotion and keep them swirling in your mind thinking of how much you wish that it had not happened what disastrous effects it caused on your life and from that moment what happened to you causing loss mentally those sad memories will definitely make you cry.

  • Widen your eyes for long as you can: keep your eyes wide open unless then  dry out and causing them to sting dryness in your eyes it will eventually trigger your eyes to start watering so do not blink your eyes unless the tears falls off.
  • Use a cut onion: it is the most popular and tried method to learn How To Make Yourself Cry, it is easy to convince someone when you are crying with watery eyes so escape to the kitchen   for a onion and take whiff close to your eyes  within seconds you will find your eyes shedding tears so next time be prepared beforehand for some waterworks flow.
  • Apply tear producing substance: when you really want to dramatise pain and sorrow copy the artist method of applying methenolated tear stick  under your eyes it may sting but real like tears wells up leaving  impressive effect but be careful  about the substance it must not get into your  eye


  • Practice yawning again and again unless tears well up in your eyes.
  • Try to breathe a little faster.
  • Blink your eyes 20 times continuously and then hold your eyes open for about fifteen seconds without blinking them then blink 10 more times.
  • Portray yourself as a sad character of book or a movie.
  • Fan your eyes when no one is looking.
  • Hide your face in your palm to pretend crying.

Be careful while applying any oil method before it gets into your eyes it may hurt eyes seriously and can cause some serious infections in your eyes.

How to make yourself cry is an art of making the correct use of technique at the right time which requires lot of practice to make it seem realistic.

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