Diamond Shapes: A perfect cut for you

Posted by Luminus Diamond on June 28th, 2019

Finding a perfect ring or jewelry piece that suits your personality is a big task. People have their own personality traits and they want to wear the jewelry of their taste and choice. While some people like elegant pieces others, being daring and bold, like a round perfect cut diamond.
Similarly, if you are looking to purchase diamonds, the shape of the diamond matters a lot. Every shape says a different story and gives your personality a suitable look.  A perfect cushion cut diamonds suits everyone’s personality and choice. Different shapes have unique meaning along with astonishing characteristics.
Popular Diamond shapes and their meanings
Diamonds are the first love of ladies. Men usually gift them to their special ones to make them feel valued. Here, the list has the popular shapes of diamonds to help you choose the one for your partner.
•    Rounded Brilliant Cut Diamonds: Round cut diamonds are the most popular pieces with 58 facets, a perfect example of brilliance and sustaining beauty. The traditional look of this diamond is timeless and classy making it the costliest of all shapes.
•    Cushion cut: These perfect cushion cut diamonds gives a romantic look. It is similar to pillow cut and have rounded edges. Dazzling in different settings, these diamonds are gaining immense popularity in the market.
•    Oval Cut: Modern and bold oval cut diamonds are the best choices for those who like to look stand out. Giving an appealing look to a lady’s finger, the oval cut makes the finger look longer.
•    Emerald cut: A perfect cut diamond that is sophisticated and glamorous. Lustrous and art deco are the basic features of emerald cut diamonds.
•    Radiant Cut: A unique mixture of brilliance and spark, radiant cut diamonds are appreciated by active women who prefer perfect shapes.
•    Pear Shaped Cut: Pear shaped diamonds are more popular as teardrop diamonds. They are delicate, elegant and gorgeous in shape.
•    Heart- Shaped: Showing the sentimental affection, heart-shaped diamonds are romantic and sweet. They are perfect in accentuating its shape in solitaire.
•    Marquise Cut Diamonds: Elongating cut diamonds flatters on the short fingers giving them a long shape. A perfect cut diamond in football shape looks showy.
Everyone has a unique sense of style, interest, and taste. Take your time to find the perfect diamond cut to match.  

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