Your relationship is still worth fighting signs you can fix it

Posted by Cynthia Madison on June 28th, 2019

No one can tell you that breakups are painless. When you first started dating everything was light an easy, every time you met was a date, and the world was the most beautiful place. But as the relationship evolved, some problems came along the way, and now you feel you are on a rough patch, and you don’t know if it’s worth saving your relationship or you should call it quits.

Everyone was there at a certain point, it’s normal to feel this way when you are staying together, the bills start coming, the daily chores take most of your free time, and your dog gets sick. If you manage to solve all these problems, you will have a strong bond no one will ever be able to break. Sometimes a fight is what you need for your relationship to survive, but you have to make sure that this fight is not breaking your connection. You are not the only ones who are trapped in numerous rounds of blaming and fighting, but you need to find a way to get out of it.

If you are asking if your relationship is worth fighting for, here are the signs that you should do it.

You find terrible the thought of breaking up

When you are no longer happy in a relationship, you know it. All you want is to pack your things, open the door, and never see your ex again. But when you want to fight for your relationship, packing your bags seems the most painful thing in the world. You feel awful only thinking about it. If you have troubles sleeping at night because the breakup is closer than ever, then you should try to look for solutions because leaving is not one. You should try to focus on the happy moments you had together and remember what got you into falling in love with your partner in the first place.

You love spending time with your partner

Even if you have more disagreements than ever, your partner still is your favourite person in the world. You find them the perfect person to hang out with. If all you want is to spend time together, even if you are arguing then your relationship is not over. The main reason why people are being around other people is that they find enjoyable to spend time together. You can ask for the support of a counsellor to help you fix your argues and to improve your relationship. All you need for your relationship to grow stronger is to stop your disagreements. A counsellor can act as a middleman, they can help you identify why you are arguing, and point you in the right direction to work things out.

You’re not arguing about your relationship

Sometimes it’s simpler to think that your life would be easier if you would be alone. But if you thoroughly think about it, you understand that this is not your case. When you are married you are experiencing some frustrating and challenging things, not because your relationship isn’t working but because extern factors influence you. Work-related stress, lack of money and family issues are only some of the causes that can affect your relationship.

If they are affecting your connection with your present partner, they will influence your relationship with any other partner. You should try to solve these problems, and stop them from affecting your relationship.

You cannot see someone else as your partner

If you were ready to end your relationship, you would be more than thrilled by the idea of meeting someone new. But, you simply cannot imagine someone else being your partner. No matter how many candidates are out there, no one seems more charming, attractive and smart than your partner does. All you want is to stop fighting and to get back to how things used to be.

You think about ending your relationship only when you are arguing

Disputes make people angry, and when they are angry, they make decisions they later regret. Breaking up is not an option if you use it as a threat when you are arguing. But you have to be careful about the arguments and threats you make during disputes because words can hurt as much as acts. You should try to speak calmly after each fight and try to understand what you can do to prevent other similar situations. Tell your partner how you really feel about being in a relationship with them; it will help you solve all your disagreements.

You’re both willing to save your relationship

No matter how many fights you have, all you want is to save your relationship and this is the most important thing. As long as you are 100% into solving things then nothing can stop you from doing it. Start talking about solutions, and don’t wait too long before looking for expert help. Counselling saved many couples from breaking up and it can help you too.

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