How To Prevent Forklift Accidents?

Posted by dennishahn on June 29th, 2019

Forklift accidents can cause fatal injuries and cause a devastating effect on the warehouse. At times, these might occur due to a mistake committed by an employee or due to improper functioning of the machine and the employees need to be trained for both of these situations. Check out forklifts for sale sydney to buy equipment at low prices. Here are some of the ways in which you can prevent forklift accidents:

Keep the warehouse clean and organized

Make sure that your warehouse is clean and organized and there are no obstructions in lanes which might impede the work efficiency. This is necessary to avoid the drivers to make sudden erroneous movements which might lead to an accident. The lanes should be clear and free from trash, product or any other obstructions. Also, make sure that the areas around your warehouse are well-lit so that the visibility is not obstructed. Buy forklifts for sale and get them at low prices.

Use better safety mechanisms.

Design a warehouse in a manner that it includes products that enhance the communication and visibility among the drivers. It is advised that you install blue safety lights at the front and back of the forklifts to have a clear visual appearance. In addition, you can even place mirrors at the corners of the aisle to enhance visibility. Also, the lanes and aisles should be wide enough to accommodate the forklifts.

Operate forklifts that are well-maintained.

Carry out routine safety inspections before the driver plans a shift. One must check for leaks, tire inflation, engine belts, etc. In case you find any issues, you should find a qualified mechanic to correct them before the lift starts operating again.

Keep a check on the unloading and loading methods.

It has been seen that loads which are poorly stacked, or drivers that operate the machine at high speeds, and unmaintained loading dock lead to forklift accidents. It is recommended that you ensure maximum speed for forklift operations and ensure that the drivers take caution while loading the dock area. In addition, the pallets should be stacked uniformly.

Train the employees for safety.

Companies should adopt safety training programs for employees working as a forklift operator. Proper training can prevent the majority of accidents. The companies should make safety a priority and should implement structured training strategies to ensure that the employees remain safe throughout the working hours. It is also recommended to refresh the training once every year so that the new recruits can participate in the same as well.

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