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Midtown, NY (June 2019) – The research results about Fat Bacteria published in the popular academic journal called Nature created a sensation. Even some of the prominent researches including Washington University and Yale University speak volumes about the Fat bacteria called Fermicutes that reside in the intestine and cause obesity. Doctor Paul's Lipolysis Research Institute has successfully completed the research on Thin bacteria which supresses the fat bacteria and helps in reducing obesity in the patients. Dr. Paul’s latest invention called Bacteriomodulation Pill is the talk of the town.  After years of research and study, the team of skilled researchers finally managed to complete the clinical demonstration of the product which was quite impressive. DR.PAUL BACTERIOMODULATION talks about the efficiency of the obesity-fighting pill which is a great alternative to painful treatments, injection diet and surgery to get rid of obesity. Studies say that a huge number of young and aged people in United States suffer from obesity that leads to the health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular issues. The proprietary recipe of the product developed after years of research and test results is a highly effective solution to eliminate obesity from the body.

Dr. Paul talks about how Fat bacteria causes obesity in a body and says that during various experiments on mice, after introducing Fat bacteria in their intestine, they started gaining weight. These bacteria causes the generation of acetic acid in intestine which encourages the secretion of Insulin in the body which contains Glucose. The natural glucose in the body is suppressed and the extra glucose in Insulin accumulates as fat causing weight gain. Dr. Paul’s Lipolysis lab has done research for the microorganisms in intestine of 6791 people. Out of 100 metabolites researched, 21 were found to be directly related to personal BMI. 200 thousand candidate ingredients which are effective in reducing obesity were chosen during the screen tests and after that multiple tests were conducted including primary In Vitro Test, secondary In Vitro Test and finally the Vivo Test, where 31 best recipes were chosen to develop the Bacteriomodulation Pill. The Bacterio therapy developed by Dr. Paul is one of the most recommended weight loss natural therapies recommended by obesity control clinics and centres in the USA.

About Dr. Paul
Dr. Paul is one of the torch bearers in the field of lipolysis study and research. His medical lab in the US has several seasoned researchers who only focus on the effective and non-surgical obesity treatments for the patients. They have successfully introduced many great products in the market like Frozen Lipolysis Vest, Cryolipostatic Equipment, Fat Resolvent and Lipolysis Booster.

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