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Switching to laminate means choosing a floor at low cost compared to real wood, ease of installation thanks to the floating technique and reduced thickness, but able to perfectly replicate the wood in appearance, improving its performance.

To find out what to do before and after the purchase, here is an essential guide to choosing the right laminate and making it last for a long time.

The questions to ask yourself before choosing a laminate floor

When choosing, an experienced retailer will be able to ask you the right questions to find the solution that's right for you. To avoid being caught unprepared, however, here are five things to think about in advance. With the best Laminate Flooring by Designs this is essential now.

How intense will the use be? Pets, trampling, falling objects and liquids can put a floor to the test. Intense use will therefore require greater surface resistance. Pay attention to the abrasion resistance classes AC and to the IC impact of the product.

What visual effect do you want to achieve?

The size and tone of the slats can help create special effects. Size is the first factor if we want to best represent an environment by enhancing its spaces. The choice of shade instead follows the furniture to be in harmony, creating a unique and enveloping environment whether it is modern, rustic or classic.

Particular attention should be paid to the bevelling and surface finishes with the synchronized pore that enhance the visual and tactile characteristics of the floor, giving the unique feeling of authentic wood.

What decoration?

Laminate has a wide variety of decorations. Among the wood effects, walnut and oak are the favorites, but for those looking for other types of finishing, the Vision series by Skema offers alternatives such as cement, metal and resins.


Is the floor heated?

In this case appropriate precautions should be taken, choosing the appropriate subfloor that allows maximum heat transfer. Conversely, if there is no floor heating, you can opt for a sheath with a good degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Does it oxidize in light?

The laminate floor can also be appreciated in full light, in fact it does not fear oxidation with direct exposure to the sun, as well as not staining or discoloring. With the best laminate flooring designs this is essential now. From beflooring you can expect the best deals present.

The tips to make the laminate floor last longer

Even if the surface layer of the laminated floor will protect it from humidity, shocks and abrasions, there are few, but precise rules to follow to make it last for many years.

Limit excess moisture

 To clean a laminate floor, forget about the bucket, mop and polisher: not only do they not serve but they risk ruining it. A damp cloth cleaning is much better.

Use non-aggressive detergents

Use only detergents recommended by the manufacturer, or those indicated for the laminate, which are not necessarily the same for tiles or vinyl. Also avoid wax or bleach. In the event of persistent stains on the floors, you can also use thinner to remove stains without risk.

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