what Are The Common Warehouse Problems and How to Solve Them?

Posted by dennishahn on June 29th, 2019

Problems are bound to occur when you are working in a warehouse; however, you can tackle them if you are aware of the technicalities that go in it. Here are some of the common issues that are encountered at the warehouse. Read further to know more:

Problem: At times, workers are required to work at high-elevation situations at the warehouse, which leads to the necessity of building stable and portable work platforms.

Solution: It would be best to use personnel lifts for the work that needs to be done at high-elevation. For instance, telescoping boom lifts can be used for vertical lifting and are easily controllable by an operator working atop the platform. Articulating boom lifts, on the other hand, are suitable for lifting heavy capacity as they offer large work platforms to handle heavy loads. Check out companies that offer forklift repairs for maintenance of heavy operators.

Problem: Vertical reach is required for picking orders.

Solution: There are many types of such equipment that work well for low-level needs but are not ideal for use when accessing higher items. It would be ideal to use a high-level or a mid-level order picker in such a situation. Several forklift repairs Sydney can deal with these situations easily.

Problem: Changing and maintenance of batteries for electric forklifts are quite problematic.

Solution: Switching to lithium-ion batteries would be much easier as they charge faster than lead-acid batteries and require less maintenance. Although they are slightly more expensive, but they would save a lot of your maintenance cost. Seek out forklift service Sydney to solve such issues.

Problem: Keeping the vehicles charged and fueled is taking up too much time.

Solution: It is advised to power the vehicle with hydrogen and create your own fuel. With the use of advanced technology, it becomes easier to make this option more accessible. This also eliminates the downtime, and you can easily reclaim the space that you are using for battery charging and maintenance.

Problem: Navigation with equipment becomes hard due to narrow aisles which can slow down the operation.

Solution: There are different varieties of forkliftservice western sydney that are available for this purpose which is specifically designed to operate the narrow and tight space. These forklifts allow the operator to stand up instead of sitting down. Moreover, this can reduce the number of accidents and make navigation much easier.

If you face any of these warehouse problems then make sure to follow the given solutions, and you will be able to handle the situation easily. Also, it is advised to train the employees to deal with certain situations beforehand so that they can easily navigate through unwanted situations.

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